from the weekend: fancy paws

03.10.13 weekend fancy pawsThis weekend was our first Fancy Paws Event. We set up shop in The Forge Studio, raised money for NKLA, and had a blast doing it. A big thanks to everyone that came out for it… it was so nice to hear so many great rescue stories and meet some great people. I can’t wait to see and share all of the photos from the day! I’m pretty sure Sarah and all the Birds of a Feather ladies nailed it. :)

Top left is Sarah Yates setting up the gold garland I made for the shoot and on the right is one of the pups getting a nose full of the wall of cow skulls in the studio.

Images by me via instagram (I’m @sarahshermansamuel)

  • YAY!!!! one of my favorite days ever! you are the best dog stylist/wrangler/fundraiser/sisterfromanothermister ever! xx

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