DIY headboard + before & after bedroom tour

DIY headboard // bedroom before & after // sarah sherman samuelI’ve got a double whammy post today with the reveal of our A-frame cabin finished guest bedroom (with before and afters) as well as the DIY info for the headboard which you got a peek of a couple weeks ago when I posted on the DIY wood paneling. I love how this simple small space turned out!

DIY headboard // bedroom before & after // sarah sherman samuelDIY headboard // bedroom before & after // sarah sherman samuelDIY headboard // bedroom before & after // sarah sherman samuelThis corner of the cabin was SO dark before with gold grasscloth walls, carpeted floor, and painted red/brown wood (you’ll see in the before’s at the bottom of the post), and the first thing we did was brighten it up on the cheap with paint and this tile flooring.

It still needed further refinement so we tackled the DIY wood paneling (also quite budget friendly) which you can read all about in my last post. I wanted to keep this small space really clean and minimal but still feel relaxed so we brought in a vintage rug, this platform bed, and kept the bedding and bench white to match the walls. The small wood side tables add warmth and the sculptural lamps (from Target) bring just enough geometric visual impact to double as functional art.

When it came time for me to come up with a headboard idea, I saw these floor cushions and thought hanging them on the wall would be a perfect relaxed but modern take on a headboard.


Supplies needed:
2 Floor Cushions
3/4″ Copper Pipe
Leather (or Faux Leather, I found mine at Walmart!)
Needle & Thread
Exacto Knife
Hammer & Nails
Tape Measure

DIY headboard // bedroom before & after // sarah sherman samuelStep 1: Once you have everything ready, use the exacto knife to cut 4 strips of leather that measure 3.25″ x 7″ (you don’t really need 7″ in length but I made it longer than necessary so it was easier to handle while sewing and then trimmed the excess after).

DIY headboard // bedroom before & after // sarah sherman samuelStep 2: Fold the piece of leather in half and starting 4″ from one edge of the cushion use a simple up and under hand stitch to sew the strap onto the cushion.

DIY headboard // bedroom before & after // sarah sherman samuelStep 3: Repeat step 2 for the other side of the cushion and then again on the second cushion.

Step 4: You can pick up the copper pipe at a local hardware store and have them cut it down to size for you or use a sawzall to cut it. This will vary depending on the size of bed you have (I had the pipe hang past the edge of the bedframe about 5 inches on each side).

Step 5: Loop the copper pole through the leather straps and secure to the wall. I used 8 small finish nails, driving the nail into the wall at an upwards angle so that the copper pipe sits securely in the V shape created by the nail and the wall. I placed the nails on either side of each leather strap so they are hidden but the actual strap. An alternative option would be to use matching copper brackets to attach it to the wall but I used what I had on hand at the time.

DIY headboard // bedroom before & after // sarah sherman samuelAnd you’re finished! So now, as promised, onto the before and afters of the room…


DIY headboard // bedroom before & after // sarah sherman samuelDIY headboard // bedroom before & after // sarah sherman samuelAnd now for a view once we got it all cleaned out…

DIY headboard // bedroom before & after // sarah sherman samuel

Shop the Post: Platform Bed Frame // Bench // Vintage Rug // Lamps from Target // Bedside Table from High Fashion Home // Cushions (for DIY headboard) // Paint color is Polar Bear by Behr

  • KatieJ.

    wow. impressive. as always.

  • Hi there! Love this idea. Do you have any more photos of how you secured it into the wall? (Trying to visualize your description, but having a hard time). Also, how long is the copper pipe/what size bed is that? Would love to do this with my queen sized bed! Currently without a headboard and very into this!

    • Hi Molly I forgot to take photos of that part unfortunately, maybe I can try and explain better. Instead of driving the mail in perpendicular to the wall I drove it in at a 45° angle creating a V-shaped between the wall in the mail that the pipe rests in. Does that help?

      • That makes sense, Thank you! (Sorry, I’m a visual learner, but this helped!). Do you happen to know what length the pipe was/what size bed you have there? Going to try this project myself! :)

  • Vanessa

    Love. And I really like that bench, wanting it for my entryway. The link brings me to Urban Outfitters but I can’t find that actual bench on their site. Did you purchase it a while back?Any help would be appreciated, thank you!

  • Sarah Beth

    You did an amazing job! What size rug is that? Love everything about this!

    • It’s a vintage rug so it’s a really odd size and I don’t have it on me unfortunately. I’d say it’s about 3 1/2 x 7′.

  • This is really, really cool. Bookmarking for our guest bedroom !

  • What a transformation! Looks great. I can’t help but wonder though, how secure the pipe will be when people are leaning on the cushions…? I’d worry they’d tear it off the wall.

    • Thanks! We tried and tested it right away and 8 nails drivin in at a 45 degree angle hold it tight. We’ve used it for a few months now and have had guests day and so far no problems at all but like I said in the post I probably recommend brackets for the optimum support.

  • Hey Sarah, that bedding looks comfy! Where is it from?

  • Sarah, this is stunning! I’m wondering what the bedside lamps and tables are? Thank you!

  • Hello,
    Great post. I love those lamps and have been trying to source them for my own home. Unfortunately, the link only take you to a search of sorta similar Target lamps, not this specific product. I’ve search all of Target’s lamp and can’t find this one. I noticed the same thing on the living room post that also featured this lamp. Please, would you be so kind as to share the link where this particular lamp can be bought? Thanks!

    • Hi, they are from target but no longer available which is why I linked to similar.

  • Lovely idea, the headboard looks comfortable and I love the colours. The before and after pictures are amazing. Can you tell me where did you find the lamps beside the bed

  • Stunning and genius

  • Hi Sarah,

    I’d love to replicate this for my master bedroom. What size is the bed that’s shown? We have a king, so I’m wondering if i need to buy 3 cushions instead of 2. Thanks!

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