artist spotlight re jin lee

I first saw a piece of Re Jin’s work in Sarah’s house. A stunning sculptural piece that made it in the cover shot for Sarah’s feature in Domino Magazine! Re Jin is one of Sarah’s favorite ceramic artists, and I fell in love with her work too. I was especially excited about her plant series. Re Jin’s work is influenced greatly by the softness of nature and from her past. She is a multi-faceted artist with a background in fashion and a passion for home and product design. It was a joy to chat with her about her work, and now we are dreaming of attending one of her retreats!


anastasia’s DIY cement fireplace

Ok, I DID IT! Finally, our first home project and my first DIY project! Yes, first. I have painted a few rooms in my days, but I don’t count that as DIY. I follow many home DIY accounts on Instagram and have witnessed many of Sarah’s DIY projects; I just never thought I had it in me to do it! I am pretty impatient, and I doubt the process too much.

BUT Sarah’s determination is contagious. She doesn’t hesitate with what she envisions. She goes for it and makes it happen. I admire this so much about her.

I knew exactly what I wanted to do first. Our fireplace!

When we moved in, I knew immediately I wanted to do something to our fireplace.  The previous owners painted the original brick white and left the grout lines. The grout was too harsh and made it look tiled. It was much too perfect looking.

Sarah suggested using SureCrete. Sarah had never used a concrete overlay before (and obv I hadn’t either), so we watched some tutorials online and decided we would give it a try! It would have taken forever to order online, so I contacted a concrete dealer, and he directed us to a similar product called Flex-C-Ment. He also gave us a premixed, unlabeled primer in a half-gallon lemonade bottle, haha, so not sure exactly what it was. This primer would work the same.

With 3 people, we completed this project in about 2.5 hours!


serena mitnik-miller on Home

I am thrilled to share that we are starting a new interview series all about “home” and the meaning of the word. Anastasia and I will be talking to our favorite creatives and professionals who work in various industries on the subject of home. For the first one, we sat down with Serena Mitnik-Miller as she shares a peek into her new home she is turning into a dream space.

Anastasia: I can’t visit California without a trip to General Store. The cool Cali, eccentric boutique filled with treasures of vintage clothing, jewelry, and gifts. You might recognize Serena Mitnik-Miller as one of the founders and shop owners. She is, and so much more! She is a mother, artist, author, and designer living and working in California. She splits her time between San Francisco and Los Angeles, combining her days painting, designing, collecting, and collaborating with her local artisan community.

Sarah: Our home in LA was within walking distance of the General Store. There was never a birthday, anniversary, baby shower, etc, that went by where I didn’t pop in for the perfect gift. And, chances are you probably fell in love with Serena’s first house. She shared the renovations over Instagram under #ourtopangahome , which went on to fuel much of an equally covetable book cowrote by, and you guessed it, Serena, called Abode, where they share their tips and tricks on thoughtful living with less. So when it came time to make a list of people we want to hear their philosophies on home, Serena was at the top of it. I hope you enjoy!


anastasia’s first home

Hi! Anastasia here, contributing editor for The SSS Edit. If you missed Sarah’s introduction to me last month, check it out here.

I am very excited to introduce our new column about my first house! I will be sharing DIY projects and other updates we make to make it HOME.

Somehow my husband and I decided to buy our first house in the craziest market. We jumped in with homes selling days after going on the market and people paying more to win bids. I don’t think we realized how bad it was until we were invested in it. We previously had been renting, living with my parents, and sister to pay off debts. I guess you can say we were anxious to have our own place!

We actually didn’t look at a lot of houses in person. Mainly because our price range brought mostly fixer-uppers, and we knew we wanted a move-in-ready home. Then, this popped up; we looked at it the same day and made an offer a few days later. We beat out 16 bids!