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my new wrinkle fighting routine

This post was done in collaboration with Olay. All thoughts and ideas are my own. Thank you for supporting our sponsors.

brass nightstand // wallpaperI can’t even keep up with how I’ve switched this house around since the baby. Since the nursery reveal, I’ve already rearranged her room a couple times, switched up the wallpaper, and now… we moved Clover into the master bedroom, giving her the whole room, and then moved our bed into the family/playroom turned nursery now turned master bedroom! Another change around here with all this lack of sleep is the wrinkles. I didn’t know two kids came with two sets of bags under my eyes and 2x the wrinkles! So, I went in search of a moisturizing product to help me out. Thankfully Olay reached out and gave me some of their Regenerist Whip product to try out, and I’m sold.

I’ve said before how I’m pretty awful at self-care and keeping up with any kind of beauty routine, but I’ve found one way to combat the new wrinkles with Olay Whips and the key was putting it on my nightstand! I’m all about multi-tasking so my entire bedtime routine is done while I shower. I even brush my teeth while I let my conditioner sit in my hair. Then once in bed all I have to do is reach for the Olay and I’m off to dreamland. With my showers as part of my bedtime routine, most mornings go right from the minute I blink my eyes open. Some days I don’t even get a chance to look in the mirror, so by keeping it right next to my phone where, TBH I reach for first thing, it’s become part of my routine to dab on some moisturizer to start the day with a fresh face and I’ve been loving the lightweight feel of Olay Regenerist Whip! Between nursing Clover and having the furnace running, these cooler months my skin was dying for the hydration it gives.

And for the days where I have client meetings or photo shoots and I put makeup on (which I keep in my car to do while I’m on my way (totally not recommended) the Regenerist Whip plays double duty as well. It’s a moisturizer and a primer so my makeup goes on smooth and lasts longer than it used to in my pre-Olay-Whips life.

Yes, I dream of having slow mornings again where I can leisurely get up and have some time for myself, drink my tea without someone needing something from me RIGHT NOW, getting a toddler ready for preschool or answering as many emails as I can before Clover has to go down for another nap or feed (I know that day will come again but for now I’m in the thick of it and I’m sure I wouldn’t change it if I could), so products like Olay Regenerist Whips that make me feel like I’m doing something indulgent for myself in just a few moments are a Godsend.

You can try this new product out yourself with a free sample here!

Now if only I could find a product that would buy me a new house, so I can have an actual bedroom!

Wallpaper // Bed is a DIY (see post here) // Swan // Nightstand // Vases // Bedding by Parachute

CB2 x Fred Segal

Last week I went to the launch party for one of my favorite home brands, CB2, and their collaboration with retail haven Fred Segal! It’s their first ever pop-up shop where they have a little CB2 outpost within Fred Segal and it has the full collaboration on display. I found my spot on my top pick from the collection, the curved sofa (shown in its entirety below), and didn’t really want to leave it behind. As we are house hunting at the moment, I might just have added one of my requirements for our new place to be that it has to have a spot for one, or two, of these.

The entire collection is filled with pieces that share CB2 and Fred Segal’s fashion forward aesthetic and have the full SSS stamp of approval. Below I’ve rounded up my faves.

Brass, Terrazzo, Rope… need I say more?

Sources: Cacti Brass Table Lamp // Moon Pearl Sofa // Natural Rope Pendant // Market Office Chair // Venice Studio Table // Terrazzo Serving Pieces // Sphere Desk Lamp // Palm Floor Lamp // Fringe Throw // Brass Side Table // Black Rope Pendant // Sunset Lounge Chair

Shop the full collection here.

color stories: peach & navy

If you’ve been following my blog for long enough, you know that I gravitate towards any shade in the family of pink, and peach, of course, falls into that category. I particularly love a good light peachy pink (not too orange) because it pairs so well if you’re into creating more of a contrast with a darker color. In this case, let’s oggle over this perfect color pair: peach & navy. I find that this particular color combination is so dynamic and clean. Case in point, this cafe in Australia showcases it so well!

Image 1& 2 of cafe Moby designed by Golden, photographed by Sharyn Cairns // Painting by Hanna Wessman, her art DIY post

The interior space at Moby is everything! Australia has all the good things. I’ll just have to dream I was there to see the space in person. In the meantime I’ve rounded up some of my favorite pieces in the two hues for you and your home so you can mix and match to introduce this color combo into your life and pretend you’re also in Australia…






Peach: MulesChair | Vase | Top | Pillow | Towel | Salt & Pepper Grinders | Velvet Ottoman | Bag

Navy: Chair | Bowl | Bag | Plate | Jumpsuit | Pillow | Bikini | Throw | Sandals

To see more of the color stories series, check here.

welcome baby clover

I have a serious back log of posts I want to share with you guys but I’ve been spending most of my time with our Clover girl and working on client and product related projects but I’m coming back at you and I realized I never properly introduced my sweet new bundle. So without further ado I wanted you to meet our latest addition to the Samuel household. Clover James Eleanor Samuel. She was born in November and has completed our family of 4 (Or 6 if you count the pups pikku and cracker).

I’ve gotten a lot of questions about the name so I thought I’d share the story behind Clover. Rupert was always very close with his grandmother. She had a big part in raising him and she always had a knack for finding 4 leaf clovers. She sent me a couple pressed in a birthday card once and searching for them had become a popular pastime for Rupert and his granny, on their farm in England. A few years ago she passed away and we travelled to England for the funeral (I was actually pregnant with Archie at the time but didn’t know it yet (sidenote Archie is Rupert’s grandfathers name). Anyway, after the funeral services they had a reception for all the family at the farm and when it was over Rupert and I were walking back up the driveway and sure enough he found a four leaf clover. Ever since the 4 leaf clover has come to be a little reminder of his granny and a way to say she’s still there with Rupe. A few years later we found out we were expecting a baby the day before a trip to San Francisco and as we were walking along Lands End we stopped up at the Sutro baths to rest on a downed log and got talking about how things will be with a (unexpected) second child and what names we’d like etc. and just as we were going down a list of names Rupe looked down to find a 4 leaf clover and that sealed the deal. We had no idea if we were having a girl yet but if we did that was going to be the name.

 Now that she’s been here with us for a while I can’t imagine life any other way. Some how she feels like she was here all along. Archie is still a completely smitten big brother and the cute factor is out of control on the daily.

The rest of her names are family names as well, James is one of Rupert’s middle names and Eleanor is my mother’s first name. And now excuse me while I go cry over how tiny she was in these photos and how big she already is now!

Photos by Nicki Sebastian

My top is by ModernHaus // Rings by L Frank Jewelry // Clover’s bloomers by Rocky Racoon Apparel 

Styling surfaces with Caesarstone

Recently I worked with Traditional Home and Caesarstone to create a video around how to style your surfaces and we touched on different tasks from these three aspects of my work: designing interiors, keeping up the blog, and creating products/maintaining the shop. I got to test out three different Caesarstone surfaces to coordinate with each and in the video you’ll see how I used them.

Caesarstone has a surface called Montblanc that has beautiful, dramatic veining which makes a gorgeous backdrop, especially for photography (and I’m not going to lie, with Instagram and in the blogging industry, I’ve definitely designed a few kitchens around them needed to be photogenic). So, when you have your friends over IRL, Montblanc is a great backdrop for a picture perfect cheese board which always makes an Instagram worthy shot.

How to build a perfect cheeseboard

1: Start with a good foundation: The background is the first thing to consider and I love how the marble-like Montblanc has the amazing veining like I mentioned. You need to add a pretty cheese board. I like to use wood and choose a size that reflects your party size. For an intimate gathering you can keep it small, but for a large one there’s nothing more impressive than a giant cheese board. Here’s a few more tips to making a pretty cheese spread…

  1. Pick different types of cheeses. At least one of the following: soft, a semi-soft, a hard, and a blue.
  2. Mix in fruits for color. Figs and dried apricots are my go to.
  3. Bring in something salty, like olives, and don’t forget the crackers.
  4. Include some honeycomb for extra points.

In the video you’ll see me styling some of my cake stands on top of Caesarstone’s rugged concrete surface. I love this surface because it has the look of concrete, but the durability of quartz. Concrete countertops can be tough to install and they can stain, so if you like the look of a concrete countertop but don’t want the hassle, this one is a great option. A few tips for styling a kitchen with concrete…

  1. Bring in warm wood tones in other areas of the kitchen so it doesn’t feel too cold.
  2. Same goes for hardware, opt for warmer metallics like bronze, brass or copper to contrast with the concrete.
  3. When choosing paint colors for cabinets it’s always a good idea to have a sample of the countertop material on hand so you can find a complimentary color. The concrete pairs well with white and black, but it would also look great with a navy or dark green.

I like to have a clean surface that won’t distract from the project at hand so that I can spread out the different materials to work with, as well as to present to clients. The Caesarstone Attica is perfect for this, a pretty white surface with all over veining that has the look of a classic marble. I’m often asked how I start a design project and what my process is, so I’ve listed out a few things I always do at the beginning of a project.

1: I always start with a design questionnaire first to help nail down the clients personal style and needs for the space. An example of a question I have on there is how they want their space to feel and I offer descriptive words like cozy, relaxed, peaceful, inspiring etc. Nailing down adjectives for how they want to feel in their space is so helpful when designing.

2: I also often ask clients to pick out a favorite object or two to show me that I can pull inspiration from for the room we are working on. It can be a favorite piece of jewelry, an item of clothing or an object brought back from their travels. Getting them to talk about the object and why they love it gives some great insight into their personal style which I can translate into the space.

3: When it comes time for presentation, I build up different vignettes of materials and finishes to give the client a tactile idea of how the space will look and feel.

To see all these tips in action take a look at the full video here.