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Daybed Round-up



daybed round-up // sarah sherman samuelI found myself sourcing daybeds for a few projects lately and I have always loved the versatility of the piece, so I thought I would gather a big ole round-up of  my favorites that are in the marketplace right now. They are great for delineating space in a large open floorplan living area, can be perfect for a multi-purpose spare room or office (to double as guest sleeping quarters), or create an instant window seat. So here you have 22 beauties to choose from.

Aren //  Casey // Willow // Chase // Como Rosewater //  Irving Place // Indra // Broderick //  London // Boho // Pari // Crashpad // Maxime // Black & White // Hambleton // Minnelli // Sylva // Turn // Cleopatra // Layden // Mckinzie // Safari

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Framing and Elevating DIY & Kids Art

living room makeover // framing children's art // sarah sherman samuelLast week I shared the finished tour of our living room makeover, how we got it ready in time for baby and all the family that will be coming in for the holidays. If you haven’t seen it yet take a peek here and you will see this custom artwork we made for the space, which is a fancy way of saying we made it ourselves. ha But really, creating art has been my favorite thing to do since I was a wee one. I still remember when my kindergarten teacher held up a drawing I did of a dinosaur to show the class and I’m not sure I have been prouder of anything since. Of course a lot of the work I do for a living is creative, and is some form of art, but freely drawing and trying new mediums just for the sake of fun can sometimes slip through the cracks but I am ALWAYS so happy when I do get a chance to.

One step better than doing it by myself is sharing the arts with my son Archie (2.5 years old). Drawing and painting with him and being able to do an activity together, that we both love, at such a young age is priceless. Now, it can be super easy to draw and draw together and then tuck the pages away somewhere and never look at them again but when a company like Framebridge exists that makes framing art SO easy, there is no excuse not so get some up on the walls. So I am thrilled to have teamed up with them to show you just how simple it is.


Living Room Makeover!

The living room in our house never really felt 100% finished. (I also realized I never shared a reveal of the space aside from featuring it in holiday decor posts or from when we babyproofed it!) We had a credenza that was a bit too small for the space, and the wall behind the sofa has been a rotation of various DIY projects and props from other projects. But finally… we have a living space that feels like us.

sarah sherman samuel living room makeover To recap, we are turning our family room/playroom (which is through the open passthrough from the living room, as shown above), into the new nursery. The family room is where we had the TV and the more comfortable sofa and this living room space was more of a formal seating area. So now that this will be the main hang out area for the family we needed to make it more comfortable and much more us.

To convert the room, first on our list was to hang some sliding barn doors to be able to close off the nursery during nap times and nighttime etc. We got both the hardware and the doors from Rejuvenation. The shaker style of the doors matches our shaker kitchen cabinets perfectly which is just on the other side of the room so it was a no brainer. We installed them ourselves (you might have caught my dad and rupe literally throwing wrenches around while putting them up on my Instagram story) which went surprisingly very quick! Just the addition of the doors already made the room feel so much more finished and now I can’t imagine them not being there.

sarah sherman samuel living room makeover READ MORE

sss x park studio hardware launch!

sarah sherman samuel x park studio hardware collectionYou may have caught a few sneak peeks on my instagram or instagram stories but today I am beyond thrilled to officially announce the launch of my own cabinet hardware collection created with Park Studio!

You may know Park Studio more for their gorgeous lighting, I first worked with them when I used one of their chandeliers in my studio space. They are a local Los Angeles based husband and wife team who are not only the sweetest people you might ever meet but they are the real deal and fellow designers and makers that share my vintage meets modern aesthetic to a tee! I have been wanting to create a line of cabinet hardware for a long time, specifically the half moon design, which has been on the back burner of my brain and to-do list for years. When Park Studio more recently came out with their line of hardware I knew they were the perfect partners to team up with to help bring the line to life and I have to say pretty much knocked it out of the park.

sarah sherman samuel x park studio hardware collectionsarah sherman samuel x park studio hardware collectionsarah sherman samuel kitchen // hardware collaboration with park studioOriginally I just had the idea for the Half Moon pulls and we met and talked capabilities, Park Studio had prototypes made, we tweaked things a bit from the first prototype and then they suggested we round out the line with bar pulls and a knob, which of course I was stoked they were as excited as me about the line, so I went back to the drawing board and the Mackinaw bar pulls and the Ottawa knob was born. They can all work together as shown above in my kitchen or each can stand alone.

half moon // cabinet pull // sarah sherman samuel x park studio hardware collectionhalf moon // cabinet pull // sarah sherman samuel x park studio hardware collectionmackinaw drawer pull // brass // half moon // cabinet pull // sarah sherman samuel x park studio hardware collectionmackinaw drawer pull // brass // half moon // cabinet pull // sarah sherman samuel x park studio hardware collectionottawa cabinet knob // brass // mackinaw drawer pull // brass // half moon // cabinet pull // sarah sherman samuel x park studio hardware collectionThey come in solid un-lacquered brass, which is a living finish and will patina over time, and matte black will be available soon! The modern geometric shapes can easily update a kitchen, dresser, vanity, or be the inspiration for many of Ikea hacks. Which you know I love. And speaking of Ikea hacks, I designed the hardware to coordinate with my next big product collaboration with Semihandmade… a signature line of cabinet doors that fit on Ikea cabinets!

sarah sherman samuel for semihandmade // cabinet door collection made for ikea cabinetsHere is a sneak peek of the hardware installed on my cabinet door collection which you can now preview on the Semihandmade site here! It will be officially launching November 15th.

And the hardware is available on Park Studio’s site today and you can also find them in my shop, here.
The Half Moons (named after a city in california from one of our favorite road trips we took)
The Mackinaw (named after where Rupert and I were married and the Mackinaw bridge being a destination/pit stop on a million family vacations growing up)
The Ottawa (the county where I grew up in Michigan)

Park Studio Product photos by Ben Kraus
Last photo by Tessa Neustadt for Semihandmade