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Mandy Moore Kitchen Plans

I’ve got some news about everyone’s favorite This is Us mama, Mandy Moore! Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to get any plot lines for the new season out of her, but at least I have some updates on the house. The mid-century home renovation is moving right along and today I’m sharing our plans for the kitchen! As a full demo job with some gorgeous finishes, custom cabinetry and Farrow & Ball paint, it is going to be a stunner.

mandy moore kitchen renovation // sarah sherman samuelIf you haven’t read the intro post on the project take a peek here and you’ll be caught up on the history of the place and how someone sadly renovated a beautiful Harold Zook mid-century home in the 90’s bringing in a lot of not so modern elements including all those rounded elements, traditional trim, tile floors etc. The first step is of course to demo out everything. We won’t be saving anything and elements that will stay gone forever are the peninsula, which not only is curved and a weird shape but it cuts the space in half making it feel less spacious. We will also be taking out all the French doors and replacing them with a window and one big door that matches the rest of the house’s original style.

mandy moore kitchen renovation // sarah sherman samuel We will be re-arranging the appliances in the kitchen, swapping out a double wall oven and cooktop for a full range and then relocating it to the far wall for better flow. We will also be going with a clean modern slab style cabinet front with floating shelves flanking a range hood.

Below is a look at the floorplan of the kitchen from when Mandy purchased it.  The nice thing is that there is a lot of room. Mid-century kitchens were usually pretty small and enclosed, so the good thing that the 90’s renovation gave us was a lot more space. The dotted lines show everything that will be demo’d out but as you can see there are a lot of funky angles and curves going on that have to go.


mandy moore kitchen renovation // sarah sherman samuel

Working with architect, Emily Farnham, together we came up with the plan above to straighten out the lines and streamline the space. We do lose cabinet space with the new layout but gain a lot of storage space in the pantry. Previously the island had cabinets all the way around but we changed that to make a space for seating at the island, as this will definitely be the gathering place for friends and family.

And now onto my favorite part, choosing the finishes. Mandy wanted to keep the space bright and light with one possibly one accent color and so I set off to find the right paint colors. After we decided on a light green, I knew Farrow & Ball was the place to look with their sophisticated palette and high quality paint… so I tested out a few.

You might recognize “pigeon” from my own kitchen renovation but we ended up choosing “Mizzle” which is just a bit lighter than pigeon with a touch more yellow to it. I chose the color the same way I did in my kitchen, by painting large foam core boards and holding it up in the space. Once we decided on Mizzle it was off to the slab yard to choose our countertops and we brought our Mizzle painted board along for the ride.

For the slab we wanted a marble that would compliment the color and finding one with beautiful veining was high on the priority list. We went to Stoneland in North Hollywood were we found SO many great choices and ended up selecting Calacatta Venato as the stone of choice. As you can see Mandy modeling, the green color goes so well with the marble and it will keep the kitchen light but still give it more interest than an all-white kitchen (not knocking all white btw, just not the look we are going for this time).

Once we had the cabinet color and slab decided it was all about selecting the rest of the fixtures and finishes and here’s a peek…

EEP, just putting this board together for the post has me so excited. Right now the kitchen is stripped down to the studs with a giant hole in the back wall where they took out the French doors so we’ve got a long way to go, but you can start to picture how the space will come together. The iconic mid-century lights reissued by Cedar & Moss paired with the terrazzo floors and the light green Farrow & Ball “Mizzle” cabinets echo back to the era of the house while the brass hardware, stunning marble, new appliances and floating shelves help to create the updated feel.

Sources: Paint color Mizzle by Farrow & Ball // Slab is Calcatta Venato from Stoneland // Pendant Lights from Cedar & Moss // Wolf Range from Ferguson // Brass Hardware // Counter Stool from DWR

Floor plans created by Emily Farnham

To see Mandy Moore’s full “before” house tour check here.

This post was created in collaboration with Farrow & Ball, as always all thoughts and ideas are my own.

color stories: pink & orange

I don’t think I will ever get over pink, millennial or otherwise, it is such a versatile color with it’s light shade and it looks good with practically every color. Even orange!

Image by Anna Pirkola // Painting by Emilie Lindsten // Image from Olive & June

I don’t typically gravitate to, or even like, orange but pair it with a blushy pink and I am so on board. Below I’ve rounded up some of my favorite pieces in the pretty pair for you and your home that you can mix and match to make this combo your own.

Pink: Swimsuit | Coffee Table | Chair | Bag | Sofa | Trousers | Pillow | Bowl + Plate Set | Side Table
Orange: Bag | Top | Rug | Chair | Backpack | Sandals | Dress | Mat | Pillow

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my journey to better skin with SK-II

You may have caught on Instagram a while back that I introduced the SK-II Facial Treatment Essence into my beauty routine. I have been using it for about a month now and I’m here to report back on my findings! First, let me start off by saying, I did not actually really have a beauty routine.

Up until now, I used a good cleansing oil and that is all I used. So, when SK-II invited me to take part in the #OneBottleAwayFrom journey (by using the product every day for a full month) I jumped at the chance to test out their “miracle water”. Self-care has fallen embarrassingly far down my priority list, especially since becoming a mama. I wanted to be #OneBottleAwayFrom pre-baby skin as it is really starting to show the signs of neglect.


high/low entryway

Today’s high/low look is all about the entryway. This space is often overlooked which is so sad because it is the first thing guests see on arrival. Even if you’re small on space you can find a few special things to make your entry high on style.

entry way - high/lowSO many people ask me about my front door (which I got locally, its by AAW) so I wanted to share a couple different options which look very similar. Also… THAT BENCH. I loved this bench which I found on one of my favorite local furniture shops Empiric Studio and then when I saw Urban Outfitters came out with a version (which I secretly like even more because of the wood) I almost fell over. I don’t have a place for it right now but I want to buy it just because it is so good.

Luxe Look Sources: door // pendant light // mirror // bench // rug // hardware // basket

entry way - high/lowThe door hardware is another opportunity to turn the style factor up a notch and the new brass door knobs from Schoolhouse are a great lower cost version.

Looks for Less Sources: door // pendant light // mirror // bench // rug // hardware // basket

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How to Style and Care For a White Sofa with Electrolux

style a white sofa 3 ways // sarah sherman samuelMany of you, including myself, thought I might be crazy getting a white sofa with two dogs and a toddler boy in the house. However I couldn’t get over my want for a sofa in the colorless hue. I could probably try and blame Pinterest and every gorgeous living room I’ve ever seen with a white sofa, but there was no talking me out of it. Today I am sharing how to style one 3 different ways and how I care for mine with Electrolux to keep the white, white!

For the first look (above) I went white on white on white on white and I don’t think I could love it more. When going SO neutral it is important to bring in different textures and layer different materials so it doesn’t go to stark. The warmth of the natural jute and wood bring warmth to the space and all the varied textures bring dimension, giving it a rich feeling, even in the absence of color.

Sources: Sofa // Jute Rug // Rattan Chair is Vintage Franco Albini // Coffee Table by Sarah Sherman Samuel // Side Tables // Lamp // Vase // Pillow // Fur Pillow // Throw Blanket

style a white sofa 3 ways // sarah sherman samuelFor the second look, I brought in the stark contrast of black and white which creates a slightly more masculine and a lot more graphic vibe. The wood tones are still working hard and doing their job to warm the space up around the white sofa and the pattern mixing gives it an artful makeover.

Sources: Sofa // Rug1 // Rug 2 – vintage (ebay) //Rattan Chair is Vintage Franco Albini // Coffee Table by Sarah Sherman Samuel // Side Tables are vintage // Lamp // Ceramic Jar // Mudcloth Pillow // Fur Pillow // White Blocks

style a white sofa 3 ways // sarah sherman samuelAnd finally for the third look… I gave the sofa a modern boho style with a shibori pillow, vintage rug, and macrame cushion. By layering a lot of pillows the sofa feels more casual and lived in. The layered rugs also help to cozy up the space and the globe lamp and geometric accessories are keeping it modern and a little unexpected.

Sources: Sofa // Jute Rug // Rug 2 – Vintage // Rattan Chair is Vintage Franco Albini // Coffee Table by Sarah Sherman Samuel // Side Table // Globe Lamp // Gold Trays (old, find similar here) // Shibori Pillow // Macrame Pillow (old, find similar here) // Mudcloth Pillow // Cement Pyramid (old, find similar here)

Now when it comes to caring for this sofa, we have our work cut out for us with the clan I mentioned at the beginning. The property around our A-frame is all desert sand/dirt so you know those dogs have already piled onto the sofa and tracked some of that dirt onto its’ cushions. The good news is Electrolux has our back and I just have to zip off the cushion covers and throw them in the wash.

Our Electrolux washer has a great feature called SmartBoost which means it premixes water and detergent before the cycle begins which I love because I always heard you are supposed to let the soap and water mix first and then add clothes because it maximizes the power of the detergent but I NEVER have remembered to and now I don’t have to. It is all built-in!

The cushion covers go in dirty and come back out nice and white! I haven’t had to deal with any tough stains yet but for the dirt I wash them on the normal setting with the Perfect Steam option selected. One thing I worried about with washing the cushions so much is the wear and tear it would take on the fabric but Electrolux has so many features to care for the fabric, like in the dryer, there are moisture sensors that detect when the fabric is dry to prevent over-drying. I’ve been drying them on the delicate setting just to be safe.

White sofas are endlessly versatile and I almost couldn’t decide which look was my fave, but the white on white in the first image takes the cake for me. I just can’t seem to get over going monochromatic. A white sofa can be notoriously hard to keep looking new but since I’ve been caring for mine its been so far so good on the white sofa decision (knock on wood)!

Images by Sarah Sherman Samuel

This post was sponsored by Electrolux, as always all thoughts and ideas are my own.


DIY headboard + before & after bedroom tour

DIY headboard // bedroom before & after // sarah sherman samuelI’ve got a double whammy post today with the reveal of our A-frame cabin finished guest bedroom (with before and afters) as well as the DIY info for the headboard which you got a peek of a couple weeks ago when I posted on the DIY wood paneling. I love how this simple small space turned out!