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high/low bedroom: artful modern

I’m back with another high/low room design. This is quickly becoming my favorite kind of post to put together. Today I tackled the bedroom with a high-end dream version and a lower priced version that doesn’t scrimp on style. I’m calling it “artful modern” which I’ve found myself describing my aesthetic more and more lately. I’m drawn to furniture pieces and accessories that are sculptural looking like these sconces, side tables, and vases and while I combine a few different styles they all share a restrained modern quality.

artful modern classic bedroom // sarah sherman samuelThis room all started with the bed. I’ve been dying to use this gorgeous bed in a clients house so hopefully we will see something like this room in real life soon, but in the meantime it sure is pretty to look at digitally as well.

Luxe Look Sources: nightstands // sconces // bedframe // artwork // bench // rug // pillows // dresser // vessel 1 + vessel 2

designer bedroom for less // sarah sherman samuelI also love this lower priced bed (which you may recognize from the master bedroom I did in Max & Margaux’s home) which is a great alternative option to the first bed if, like me, you are loving the combination of the ivory upholstery and wood frame. Other items that are a total high-style steal are the gold side tables from Target!.. and they have a marble top which I think ups the style quotient even more. Also, I’d be crazy if I didn’t mention that IKEA bench (which I’ve already used twice. You will see it in the Trullbrook residence for one!). If you haven’t already drooled over all the new pieces in their Stockholm collection I would probably get to it!

Look For Less Sources: nightstands // sconces // bedframe // artwork // bench // rug // pillows // dresser // vessels 1 + 2

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A-frame cabin update!

We recently spent a full week at the A-frame! It was our first overnight stay since we bought the place however when I say “at the A-frame”, I mean we camped in a rental RV in the driveway, so I am not sure if that really counts as out first night there. Construction is now relatively finished but we had no furniture and still had A LOT of clean-up to do.

Once the clean-up was finished we started moving in some of the furniture inside and out, and these two hanging chairs from Candelabra were the first to go up. Even this relatively small addition of furniture let me breath a sigh of relief and gave me a glimpse at how good the place can and will be when it is finished.

I just want to sit and swing on those beauties all day long. You might remember the sweet moment I captured with Rupe and Archie enjoying them from Instagram.

In other patio news… we made a small paint change since the paint debate a couple weeks back. First thank you guys so much for all of your input! It was great to get so many opinions and a few different ideas I hadn’t thought of. We took the first step towards painting more, by painting the rock that didn’t match the rest of the rock (and was mostly mortar) at the entry way and I have to say I do LOVE me some white paint. Who knows how far I will go but we are taking baby steps and living with it like this for a while.

Sources: Paint Color is Vapor by Benjamin Moore // Chairs from Candelabra

a-frame cabin kitchen // renovation // sarah sherman samuel a-frame cabin kitchen // renovation // sarah sherman samuel Meanwhile… in the kitchen we installed our Cedar & Moss sconces and the Semi-handmade floating shelf to pretty much finish things off in there. Now it just needs hardware and accessories oh and the doors to the tiny pantry (not shown) and its done!

I couldn’t love the handmade quality of the Fireclay tile any more and the super simple sconces keep things streamlined while still feeling special.

a-frame cabin kitchen // renovation // sarah sherman samuelWe got the refrigerator straightened out since my last post, as well as the doors on the white upper cabinets. In such a small kitchen I wanted to hide as many appliances as possible so we used a panel ready fridge (the refrigerator is behind the cabinet at the bottom left of the image) and used Ikea’s built-in extractor fan so we could hide it away in an upper cabinet and have a seamless bank of cabinets.

Sources: Cabinet Doors and Drawer Fronts by SemiHandmade (in the DIY slab style. Info on how I painted them, here) // Countertop is from Ikea // Sink, Ikea // Faucet from Homary // Tile by Fireclay (2 x 6 in Calcite) // Floating Shelf from SemiHandmade // Sconces by Cedar & Moss

bedroom nook - progressAnd finally… we have the beginnings of a bedroom – nook. So far all we have done is changed the flooring (from carpet to the wood-look tile) and paint, but I’ve got some plans for in here, just wait! It will still be simple but with a good amount of DIY to put my personal stamp on it. Also, yes it is sparse at the moment and needs a rug and such to warm things up, but if you want to see the power of that good ole white paint, check out the last photo in the before tour. Like the rest of the house, it too is on its’ way to somewhere good.

Sources: Interior Paint is Polar Bear by Behr // Bed from Urban Outfitters // Bedding from Urban Outfitters // Mobile from Target 

Catch up on all the progress in the A-frame here and see the before tour here.

Color Stories: Lavender & Rust

Let me just come out with it… purple is the worst color (in my opinion of course), you will never ever ever see a jewel toned purple anywhere around here. It hurts my eyes. But a soft lavender… that, I can get into and paired with a nice rich neutral like rust. I am definitely down with it.

sss_lavenderrust_insp02color story: lavender and rust // sarah sherman samuelsss_lavenderrust_insp03Image 1 by Jordan Sullivan // Image 2 by Chantal Anderson // Image 3 by Oroboro

Even while I was searching for lavender/lilac items so much purple, purple came up… my poor eyes will never un-see! I really took one for the team. However, I found some really great pieces to help bring the right amount of lavender and rust into anyone’s life, in little or big ways.

_sss_blog_lavenderrust_list_02Lavender: Dress | Petite Bag | MugVelvet Chair | Bowl | Linen TunicPlate | Stool | Side Table

Rust: Club Chair | Vase | Bikini | Floor Lamp | SofaCushion | Chair | Wall Mirror | Bag

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Introducing project Oh Joy

joy-kitchen-finishes-finalHi guys, I’m here with another really exciting project to share! If you have been a blog reader for any amount of time you will know my next client and friend, Joy Cho of Oh Joy. She recently moved into a new studio space and I’m thrilled to be working with her on the design. First up is the kitchen!

oh-joy-kitchen-beforeIn the before photo you will see the layout is not ideal. It’s shaped like the Tetris S shape that would always screw up my game (child of the 80’s!). Also, I don’t think I’ve ever seen this color brown/tan even in the same vicinity as the bright and colorful Joy, so the current kitchen doesn’t reflect her or her brand at all. First thing I wanted to do was change the foot print of the kitchen.

oh-joy-kitchen-design-sarah-sherman-samuelOn top you will see the current layout and below is my proposed new layout. Instead of losing that storage space in the corner I wanted to take away the bank of cabinets against the north wall and build up a bigger bank of cabinets on one big peninsula. This will give more usable counterspace and storage while also creating a better focal point around the sink.

When it came to the finishes there were a few things Joy new she wanted and a few things I knew I wanted so we came up with a must-have list.

1: Floating Shelves
2: Marble Countertops
3: Mint Green
4: Cement Tile Backsplash
5: Brass Accents

Below you’ll see three options I created for the initial design direction.

oh-joy-kitchen-optionsThey all cross our must have items off the list but have slight variations on each. The first option was to use the mint color on the cabinets and then tile the backsplash up past the floating shelf, ending it at varied heights as a design feature. The randomness breaks up all the clean lines and carries the eye through the kitchen.

The second option utilizes one Oh Joy’s own tile designs (she is coming out with an Oh Joy for Clé tile line) and I applied it in a random pattern but tiled it all the way up to the top of the wall. In this one I kept the cabinets white and let the tile stand out on it’s own.

And finally, the third option was using one of Oh Joy’s favorite tile shapes (the scallop), on the backsplash. In this option the color comes from the tile but to keep it from overwhelming the space, I had the tile only go up to the floating shelf.

Have you guessed which one we went with? Below is the chosen option rolled out to the rest of the kitchen so you can get a better idea of how the finished space will look!

oh joy office kitchen // design sarah sherman samuelConstruction started this week! Follow along on my and Joy’s Instagram for some more behind the scenes progress and of course I’ll be sharing some progress and the finished space here as well. Stay tuned!

For more behind the design check out today’s post on Oh Joy.

UPDATE: See the full reveal here!

Appliances: KitchenAid // Sink: Ferguson // Faucet: Ferguson // Lighting: Cedar & Moss // Tile: Clé Tile // Stools: CB2 // Cabinetry: Ikea