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Trullbrook Residence Master Bath

It may seem I am bathroom crazy over here at the moment but we have three more bathrooms to talk about on the Trullbrook project and this one is hands down my favorite! The master bath. It has a neutral color palette but is far from boring with special touches and every detail considered. But before we get to the design… here’s the before photos (a special mention to the dark brown carpeting because you know I love a carpeted bathroom. ew).

before-master-bathroombefore-master-bathroom2before-master-bathroom4before-master-bathroom3You might be wondering how all these different angles could possibly be in one bathroom and the answer is, it is actually three different tiny little rooms that make up one full bathroom. The result is a lot of wasted space, a weird flow and confined quarters that feel more like a powder room than a master bath. Here is the current floorplan to give you a better idea of what we were looking at when they first purchased the home.

Master-bath-floorplan-beforeAnd the plan…

Master-bath-floorplan-afterBy tearing out a lot of walls, moving everything around, and adding some large windows we were able to create a spacious master worthy of its’ name.

My biggest struggle with this space was the one thing the homeowner said was a must have and that was a giant drop-in oval tub. When I think of a built-in oval tub, the 80’s immediately come to mind. We joked that she was going to have a swan faucet to match, but the girl likes her baths and no matter how hard I tried to convince her to get a freestanding, she wasn’t having it. And I get it, the heart wants what the heart wants and who am I to try and deprive someone of something they feel so passionate about? So off I was to design around it and make sure the space looks like this decade and not too Dynasty. But really, as far as drop-in oval tubs go, it is actually a great one with clean lines and, so far, it is all shaping up very nicely.


bathroom-5-640 sarahshermansamuel-bathroomRecognize the bathrooms? It’s always nice to dive into a client’s pinterest board and see my own designs as some of their favorite spaces. Now the trick was to get a similar vibe but in a new unique way. (see the original posts here, and here)

And a couple other inspiration bathrooms that were on her board that I loved…

scarsdale-home-by-tamara-magel-photo-by-rikki-snyder-5main.original.640x0cI mean, that shower… I die!

Top bathroom by Tamaraa Magel // Second bathroom by Maggie Pierson

A soft palette, round shapes, simple tile in interesting patterns, some sort of terra cotta, gold fixtures, storage in the vanity, a built-in makeup vanity and a unique marble slab were a few other items on the want list that I was definitely on board with. And here is a peek into the selects for the finishes.

trullbrook-client-bathroom-finishesWe did a basket weave pattern on the walls, finding the right size tile for this pattern turned out to be a much harder search than I had initially thought. Finally we found it here and bonus it is SUPER affordable. I found the x + o terra cotta tiles glazed in white and fell in love. No two are the same, the glaze is slightly transparent in places so the terra cotta color can show through, giving it color variation and the best kind of textural quality that can only come from something handmade. More on the board are a simple chandelier for over the bath, oval vessel sinks, and that oval tub for two.

Once we landed on the floor and wall tile it was time to go slab shopping. We found quite a few contenders but landed on the gorgeous warm taupey colored vein marble. Quick tip when you are slab shopping…

slab-shoppingslab-shopping2Take your tile with you as well as any wood finish swatches etc that will be next to it, so you can see how they all work together. That might be a no brainer for some but the real tip is when you are holding the tile next to slab (and this goes for testing paint swatches and looking at wallpapers etc) make sure to hold the tile on the same plane that it will actually be installed. The two photos above are the exact same slab, holding the exact same tiles. See how in one photo the tile looks light and brighter than the slab and in the second it is darker? It’s all about how the light hits it and if your tile is going on the floor and your slab will run perpendicular to it, hold the tile next to it that way. It’s best to assess the color on the actual plane the surfaces will sit. This is the same reason you want to hold paint swatches up to a wall instead of going over them lying flat on a table.

Next up was designing a custom nearly 9 foot vanity to go with the slab.

vanity-drawingHis and her sinks and cabinets are connected making one long countertop to incorporate a place for a stool/makeup vanity in the center. Jaimi used to own a beauty company so she has quite a collection of product and wanted loads of drawers to accommodate. I designed the cabinets to look like three doors and three drawers on each, to give it a clean modern look but the two cabinets that flank the opening in the center actually house a million little drawers. Ok not a million but the right one has 9 little drawers for small items like make-up, serums, brushes, etc and the one on the left has two more small and two big drawers, all hidden behind the door.

And finally here is a rough idea of how it will all come together.

master-final-vanityIt’s pattern mixing and it’s most subtle and finest (see my tips on tile pairings/pattern mixing here) and, I know I say this every single time, but I really can’t wait to see it all come to life.

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real talk, real moms favorite books


The real mom series is hitting the books today! You might remember I shared my carefully edited list of favorite books a while back. And if you don’t make sure to head to the post RIGHT HERE to see my all time top children’s books that Archie and I both narrowed down to. I am not exaggerating when I say we have probably 100 at home and he consistently continues to go back to the one’s I listed on that post. I haven’t even gotten sick of them yet either so you know there are good! Since that post, we have continued to collect new reading material and below I have listed the ones that have made the cut and can be added to our favorite list.


You might recognize a few of the same authors & illustrators from the original list, they totally get it.

The Littlest Family’s Big Day // A Greyhound A Groundhog // We Found a Hat // Iggy Peck Architect // An Awesome Book of Love // You Will Be My Friend

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Image by Katherine Rose

date night downtown

fur and lace // sarah sherman samuelOne of our resolutions this year is to have more date-nights. We have been epically failing (only going on about 4 total in the almost 2 years of Archer’s life) and it has taken its toll from time to time. Before Archie we were positive we would be one of the couples to take regular nights out together and make our relationship a priority but unfortunately it hasn’t been the case.

Neither of us are planners, we like to be spontaneous and nights out, pre-baby, were a big part of our week. However, with a child at home it isn’t as easy as saying, hey let’s go out to eat tonight and catch a movie. You have to find a sitter and those sitters like to have more than an hours notice. Go figure. With that said, this year our plan is to have a standing date night where we have scheduled a sitter to come one evening, every other week, so we have the plan in place and then we can be somewhat spontaneous with the what and the where.

fur and lace // sarah sherman samuelfur and lace // sarah sherman samuel fur and lace // sarah sherman samuelfur and lace // sarah sherman samuelfur and lace // sarah sherman samuelfur and lace // sarah sherman samuelOn our first night out, we went downtown, visited the Broad and then got dinner at Redbird. It was nice to mix up the routine, get out of the house together, and take in some of the beautiful things Los Angeles has to offer. Redbird has to be one of my favorite interiors (take a peek here). Wish us luck to keep this on the regular!

The sheer lace top from Zara couldn’t be better for a date night. A faux fur coat and black distressed denim with a simple black pump make sure the top is the star of the outfit and I layered on all my favorite rings to make myself feel a little fancy.

Shop the Post:
Lace Top from Zara // Jeans from Asos // Faux Fur Jacket (old) find similar here and here // Bracelet by Brandy Pham // Rings By L Frank Jewelry

Images by Heather Kincaid 

Modernism Week News!

Villa Golightly RenderingHappy Weekend!

I am so thrilled to share that I am going to be designing the East Guest Bedroom of this years TCKC Modernism Week Show House! Each year The Christopher Kennedy Compound takes over one Palm Springs property and brings together a handful of the country’s top design talents and tastemakers to give it one heck of a makeover, and I couldn’t be more excited to be a part of it.

Modernism Week is an annual event that celebrates midcentury modern design, architecture, art, fashion and culture. It’s a week full of home tours, parties, and events that celebrate design in Palm Springs. You may remember from a few years back I was on the “mod squad“, instagramming my heart out through it all.  Modernism Week is also charitable organization, providing scholarships to local students pursuing educations in the fields of architecture and design; as well as supporting local efforts to preserve modernist architecture throughout the state of California.

sarahshermansamuel-kellyleevilla-go-lightlyTo add to the fun, this year’s show house is owned by my favorite Palm Springs personality, Kelly Lee, of Kelly Go Lightly. Earlier this year, before construction had even started, I stopped by to see the space and I have to say I sure wouldn’t mind this being my backyard! I can’t wait to see what the And now for a tiny peek of a few things that I have going on in the East Guest Room…

sarahshermansamuel-modernismweek-showhouseI can’t reveal the design quiet yet but here are a few finishes that gives you a taste of what is to come! For those of you heading to Modernism Week and want to visit the house, read more about it here and buy tickets to see the house here!

travel stories: Amangiri

amangiri15Gone are the days (at least for a few years) when Rupert and I used to sneak away for weekend trips every couple weeks or so. Toting a toddler around on romantic getaways is not exactly the same. Since we don’t go nearly as often, Rupe and I decided that for our anniversary we would go all out and splurged on a trip of a lifetime. We took off for three child-free nights for the first time and headed to a place straight out of my dreams.

The place is southern Utah’s Amangiri and while the photos pretty stunning, I have to say they don’t even do it justice. The resort is built around the natural Utah landscape and looks like it is carved right out of the surrounding rock. Every single detail was thoughtfully designed… the colors, the materials, right down to how the sunlight travels through the structure. If you ever get the chance to go, take it!

amangiri10amangiri7amangiri3amangiri6amangiriamangiri16amangiri4amangiri5amangiri2amangiri18amangiri12amangiri17amangiri11amangiri13amangiri9amangiri14Utah on its own is one of my favorite places to get away to (we road-tripped through it a couple years back), but Amangiri with its super remote location and otherwordly beauty just made it our favorite escape yet. After just a couple days soaking in the soft colors and calming vibes we came back refreshed and oh so inspired.

Orange dress by Christy Dawn // Hat from Asos // Green dress from Zara  // Swimsuit by Hackwith Design 

iPhone snaps by Sarah & Rupert Samuel

A-frame bathroom update

While we are on the subject of bathrooms… I’m excited to be talking about some plans in our A-frame bathroom, finally! If you remember from the “before tour” the bathroom was a scary black hole. The lights didn’t work so you couldn’t really see what was going on in there. Well the good news is, we got the lights working again, the bad news is it might have been better in the dark! Luckily I have teamed up with Kohler to breathe new life into the loo.


Easing you into it… I thought I would share my plans for the space first. READ MORE