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Woven bag round-up

woven bag - round up - wicker bag - rattanwoven bag - round up - wicker bag - rattanwoven bag - round up - wicker bag - rattanwoven bag - round up - wicker bag - rattanI’ve been buying up all kinds of woven bag, for myself and for gifts, like crazy! It’s one trend I am fully on board with and so happy there are so many good ones out there right now, so I’ve rounded up a few of my faves for your shopping pleasure. x

woven bag - round up - wicker bag - rattanGaia Ark Bag // Wicker Clutch // Aleso Bag // Alice Tote // Birch Clutch // Baan Bag // Dragon Bag // Atlas Bag // Rattan Bag // Norwood // Woven Straw Bag // Larkin Bag

Dress from Zara // Shoes by Steve Madden // Bracelet by Edge of Ember // Cuff by Brandy Pham // Ring by Edge of Ember

Images by Nicki Sebastian

Sapira Mattress

Guest Room // Sarah Sherman Samuel If you read yesterday’s post, you saw that we’ve set up a bed to temporarily convert my studio back to a guest house. You see, we have family coming to visit for the holidays and without any spare bedrooms in the house, I wanted to make sure they had a comfortable place to welcome them.

Sapira recently reached out to have me try out their mattress and I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to create the dedicated guest space for the holidays, and it also gave me the excuse to execute the DIY headboard I had rattling around my brain (see the DIY post here).  READ MORE

DIY woven headboard

DIY headboard // Guest Room // Sarah Sherman SamuelWell, I’ve switched some things up a bit… there’s a bedroom in our studio! We have family coming in for the holidays so I’ve temporarily converted the studio to a guesthouse. When Archie arrived we transformed our only guest room to his nursery, which left us with no space for family to stay, other than crashing in the living room. Once we built-out the new studio space my parents were able to stay there when they visited but we didn’t have that great of a set up. My mom would sleep on the sofa and my dad on an air mattress.

This year I wanted to welcome them with a much more comfortable space, so I set out to create a beautiful bedroom on a budget that would also be easy to convert back and forth from my studio to a guest room when we do and don’t have house guests. I had most things on hand but the design started to come together when I saw this rug and a DIY headboard idea was born.

DIY headboard // Guest Room // Sarah Sherman SamuelDIY WOVEN HEADBOARD

Supplies Needed:
Small Finish Nails
6 x Placemats
2 x Rug

DIY headboard // Guest Room // Sarah Sherman SamuelDIY headboard // Guest Room // Sarah Sherman SamuelI wanted a headboard to frame out the bed and make it feel like a proper bedroom and all I did was purchase 6 of these table mats and 2 of these rugs and secure them to the wall with tiny finish nails. Five minutes later… instant headboard!

Another great thing about this DIY is that I can repurpose the placemats for a table setting while they aren’t in use as a headboard.

DIY headboard // Guest Room // Sarah Sherman SamuelOn a side note… I love seeing how my wallpaper works in a bedroom setting, which has me really excited for when I can start selling it (I’ll keep you posted but it should be available early 1017!).

DIY headboard // Guest Room // Sarah Sherman SamuelDIY headboard // Guest Room // Sarah Sherman SamuelI bought this simple bed frame which has legs that screw off easily so we can store it without taking up too much space when we don’t have guests and I topped it all off with my favorite Parachute bedding. Next I added some ottomans as night stands, and a grounded it all with a Frances Loom vintage rug, from my ever growing rug obsession collection.

I am not sure how having a bed in the studio over the next month or so will affect my productivity. It is pretty naptime tempting after all, but I am sure my visiting family will appreciate it.

Take a tour of my Studio (in it’s usual configuration) here.
See our Home Renovation posts here.

Shop the post:
Bed Frame // Headboard DIY (see supplies above) // Vintage Rug from Frances Loom // Ottomans from The Vintage Rug Shop // Wallpaper by Sarah Sherman Samuel (coming soon) // Bedding by Parachute (this is the Venice Set in White) // Jute Rug

Images by Sarah Sherman Samuel

mobile in Erin Fetherston’s nursery

nursery - custom mobile - sarah sherman samuelA few months back one of my favorite design firms, Consort, reached out to me about a house they were designing in Hollywood and I ended up making a custom mobile for the nursery, inspired by the one I made for Archer. The house belonged to Erin Fetherson and out came Domino Magazine where it was featured in the last issue looking allllllll sorts of stunning. So happy to be the tiniest part of it. That is one good lookin nursery, as well as the rest of the house. I had to include a few of my favorite shots from the tour because it is just too good. Well done as usual, Consort (and Laure Joliet with the photos).

nursery - custom mobile - sarah sherman samuelI love those oversized animals, and the hanging chair, and how the mobile looks with white string (I used black in Archer’s). The entire house is filled to the brim with pillows and textiles from Erin’s beautiful signature collection/collaboration with fragments identity, which you can shop on her site.

white-hot-erin-fetherston-s-new-hollywhite-hot-erin-fetherston-s-new-hollywood-home-white-living-room-1473837673-57d8e05481c866970ee84f21-w1000_h627erin-fetherston3erin-fetherstonHow gorgeous is that bedroom, and living room, and patio and and and…? See more about the nursery from Erin, here.

Nursery Sources here: Custom wooden mobile from Sarah Sherman Samuel // RugThe Sunny Side Rug Co // Baby blankets and pillows from Erin Fetherston x Fragments Identity // Custom teddy bear skin rug from Lord and Little // Felted wool elephant and giraffe from RH Baby // Hanging chair from Serena and Lily // Crib from Serena and Lily

Images by Laure Joliet

in my bag – utah

in my bag // utahI bucked my fairly neutral usual packing strategy and filled my bag with a palette inspired by the high desert landscape of our destination… Utah! You may remember one of my favorite trips from a couple years back when we did THIS ROADTRIP but this time we are headed straight to Utah and staying there. Here’s what is coming with me.

Cardigan Sweater // Dress by Christy Dawn // Hat // Sunglasses // V-neck Sweater // Pink Palazzo Pants // Scarf //  Tassel Sandals // Ankle Boots // Tote // Swimsuit // Skirt

long layers & pattern mixing

fall layers Pattern mixing, layers, and a little animal print, is one of my go-to recipes for interiors and entertaining, so it makes sense that it translates right into my wardrobe as well. Old Navy invited me to try share how I translate that look into my every day with pieces from their latest collection and I was pretty excited to find some that fit right in.

sss-long-layers5b sss-long-layers3 While I am actually not much of a sweater person, I can definitely do a midi length cardigan all day long. Thin knits are perfect for layering without adding too much bulk and, to me, keeping the length long feels a little more stylish than your average cardigan. By keeping the sweater light, it also gives you more room to play with layering on a scarf. I kept it casual by letting the ends hang loose, plus Archie likes to hide and play peek-a-boo in the long tails.

sss-long-layers2sss-long-layerssss-long-layers4sss-long-layers6 Subtle pattern mixing is the name of my game. Remember this tablescape? If I had to translate it into an outfit this one would be it. If you are looking to mix patterns but keep it subtle, one trick is to vary the scales of patterns and keep the color palette in the same family.

Pairing a small pattern with an oversized more graphic pattern is an easy win (like the stripe on the tank and the plaid on the scarf). I’ve also added in the third pattern, on the shoe, which scale-wise lands right in the middle of the two. So now I’ve got a small, medium, and a large. Varying the scale keeps the patterns from competing with each other and creates a balanced look.

Happy layered pattern mixing! x

Scarf // Tank // Long Sweater // Boyfriend Jeans // Shoes

Photos by Nicki Sebastian