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Mother’s Day Traditions

breakfast in bed // mother's day traditions // sarah sherman samuelGrowing up, my favorite Mother’s Day tradition was racing to make breakfast before my mom would wake-up so that it would be a true breakfast in bed. She is an early riser, and I have never been, so more often than not she would have to pretend to be just waking up by the time I got breakfast up to her, but it was always our special way of starting off the day. I can hardly remember what we made, it was usually whatever we had on hand, but another tradition we kept up was serving breakfast with a side of flowers.

Last year, Rupert adopted the tradition and made me my favorite breakfast… blueberry pancakes, accompanied by my favorite flowers… Peonies! He is a keeper, that one. And while he has so many skills, flower arranging is not one of them. Luckily there is Teleflora. Their flowers are hand-delivered and already professionally arranged by a local florist so there is no struggle to find the perfect vase, no cutting the stems, or fussing over the pretty blooms. They arrive ready to enjoy.

breakfast in bed // mother's day traditions // sarah sherman samuelteleflora-peoniesbreakfast in bed // mother's day traditions // sarah sherman samuelbreakfast in bed // mother's day traditions // sarah sherman samuelbreakfast in bed // mother's day traditions // sarah sherman samuelbreakfast in bed // mother's day traditions // sarah sherman samuelbreakfast in bed // mother's day traditions // sarah sherman samuel The Peonies are a limited seasonal item from Teleflora (lucky for me, Mother’s day usually falls within that small window) but they also have other beautiful bouquets that are created specifically with Mother’s Day in mind. Like this “Butterfly Sunrise” bouquet.

teleflora-mothers-daybouquet-2 copyteleflora-mothers-day2I love the peachy pink roses in this one, which match my current color obsession, and all their arrangements come in containers, which are a keepsake after the flowers have long been enjoyed. I will be enjoying the butterfly mug it came in for my giant cup of morning tea.

What are your Mother’s Day traditions? Do you guys have any special ways of showing your mom she’s your #1 or maybe you have some new hints I need to drop on Rupert? ;)

Images by Sarah Sherman Samuel

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DIY: to-do list

DIY - giant - to do list // sarah sherman samuelWhen your job description has as many hyphens as mine (designer-maker-blogger-art director-photographer-etc.etc.) or if you’re just a creative person in general, chances are you’ve got a whole bunch of different projects going on. While I live by my online calendar, I still keep a notebook for daily to-do lists yet still with both the calendar and various notebooks, I was really missing my black board from my old, old home-office where I would have a list of projects that are ongoing and/or don’t have a formal deadline. The kinds of projects that aren’t super pressing but ones I still want to keep on my radar so when I do get a free moment, I can chip away at those long term goals. Since I am such a visual person, it really helps me to have those things listed out, big and all in one place, so I can take a quick glance and easily cherry pick my next task, keeping me super-efficient.

I was looking for a way to bring that idea back to my new studio and came up with this hanging giant to-do list. I love the paper roll because you can make the list really long or keep it short, and once you’ve crossed a bunch of the to-do’s off you can tear the sheet off and start fresh. I’ve decided it’s also just extra satisfying to cross things off of a giant to do-list, I don’t know why, it just is.

DIY - giant - to do list // sarah sherman samuelDIY - giant - to do list // sarah sherman samuelGet the full DIY after the jump… READ MORE

weekend scenes: family picnic

picnicPre-Archer, Rupe and I used to go for a hike almost every weekend. I hadn’t realized until recently that we haven’t been to any of our favorite trails since he arrived, which now is 14 months ago! This weekend we decided to fix that, quick sharp. We packed up a picnic and hit the trails in Temescal Canyon to get our long overdue dose of nature and it was glorious. Archie loved it too.

Sources: Picnic Basket by Sarah Sherman Samuel // Shoes by Dolce Vita // Hat from J.Crew // Jeans from Zara // Archie’s shirt from Old Navy // Striped Leggings from Target (yes they’re girls, don’t tell Arch) // Shoes by Freshly Picked 

Simple Spring Entertaining

tropical inspired table tropical inspired tableWe are still not quite finished with the pergola, it needs paint and wire run between the beams so the bougainvillea can grow over the top, BUT it hasn’t stopped us from already having a few gatherings with the new set up. People often think you need to have a ton of different sets of dishware for frequent entertaining or that you need an entire prop closet to set a beautiful table. Of course it helps, but for those of you that don’t have access to Martha Stewart’s prop room, I’m sharing a few tips to create a simple al fresco table inspired by Target‘s spring line.

tropical inspired tabletropical inspired tabletropical inspired table1. Use what you have. I have two sets of dishware, one white and one black and I don’t think you need much more than that. If you are trying to start your own personal entertaining prop closet, I would say get a full 12 piece set of white before getting anything else. It lays a clean foundation and it’s easy to completely switch up the look with less expensive items. For flatware…  I have one full set of modern gold, and a similar in stainless, but a while back I found this vintage 100 piece brass set and it happened to be a perfect match for Target’s “Summer Safari” collection, reinforcing the tropical vibe I’ve got going. When it comes to linens, no matter how casual the party, I still like to use cloth napkins if I can. Of course with my collection, I don’t have a shortage on those, but if you are just just getting started, I’d recommend choosing a simple pattern, like the black and white dot, that can go with almost anything but brings visual interest to the table. And finally, glassware, I use stemless wine glasses for everything. For water, wine, juice, cocktails, for everyday and for every gathering. I have like 30 of the same simple shape.

2. Skip the florals. Instead of a floral centerpiece I used these oversized vases to create a no fuss sculptural focal point.

tropical inspired tabletropical inspired tabletropical inspired table3. Nature’s placemats. No placemats? No problem. To add just one more layer to the table I picked up some Monstera leaves for an inexpensive and disposable charger/placemat. It takes only about 2 seconds to throw these down first, but the visual impact is huge. Ferns would also work if you live in a woodsy area, you could just snip, snip, snip!

tropical inspired tableand finally #4. Bring the inside out! That is usually the other way around but creating an outdoor room is easy. Bring out your favorite pillows (I am obsessed with these macramé-esque ones), a cozy throw, and hang a mirror (art or a wall hanging could work too). This instantly creates a personalized outdoor space that makes dining al fresco even more special.

I’m so looking forward to many more dinner’s under the bougainvillea this summer. x

From Target: Large Vase // Small Vase // Wicker Mirror // Throw // Pillows // Stemless Wine Glasses

Napkins by Sarah Sherman Samuel // Flatware is vintage // Table from Modshop // Rattan Chairs are Vintage from ModernHaus

Photos by Sarah Sherman Samuel

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12 round coffee tables

12 best round coffee tables // sarah sherman samuelRecently, I’ve been finding myself searching for round coffee tables… for my own spaces (for the a-frame and in our baby-proofed house) and for a couple clients. I love that a round coffee table can break up the lines of a room that has mostly straight angles or booxy shapes and a major bonus is they are more kid friendly. So, from my searches, I have put together a whole lot of great ones… 12 favorites, to be exact.

Pedestal // Striped Inlay // Oxo // Pivot // Tabla // Susila Rattan // Mara Oak // Carnaby Cocktail // Umbra Hub // Shroom // Nest Rattan // Gaultier

mother’s style story

swarovski-mothersday5a-640 I get a lot from my mama, my hands are almost an exact replica, my thick hair (thanks mom), my faith, my creativity… the list is long and on that list are elements of my style. In honor of Mother’s day Who What Wear and Swarovski teamed up and invited me to share just how my mother and being a mother has influenced my style.

swarovski-mothersdaya1-640 READ MORE