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weekend scenes: palm springs

poolside My parents have been visiting for the past two weeks and we just spent the last one in Palm Springs. We worked on the A-frame, played tourist, had a little pool time, and celebrated Rupe’s birthday. I also started a new instagram account specifically for the A-frame which you can follow @thesamuelaframe

palm springs tramwaypalm-springs-house-stalkingFor Rupe’s birthday we took the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway for the first time and it was INSANE. But also really beautiful. That teeny tiny tramcar in the photo above holds around 60 people and it rotates while going up the mountain (!!!!!). We survived though and after demoing the A-frame kitchen all day the day before it was nice to get outside and take in some nature. It has been a while.

And no trip to Palm Springs is complete without a little house stalking. Gosh I love the architecture there.

sss-a-frameThis is the view by the A-frame! Such a drastically different landscape than our last Lake Michigan cabin but beautiful in its own right. There were wildflowers in bloom all over and tons of hiking trails which I can not wait to explore.

cactus // sarah sherman samuelpalm springs desert modern-houseAnd remember my Palm Springs client I shared about… “desert modern“. Well, here is a little sneak peek. The house is a vacation home and rental house so it worked out pretty perfect for us to able to stay there while the A-frame is in shambles. We worked on the A-frame by day and I worked on installing some final design touches here by night. I’m looking forward to sharing the rest of the space when all the final pieces come together!

Happy hump day x

Images by me via iphone & Instagram (i’m @sarahshermansamuel)

handcrafted rugs

loloi-livingroom2-640Have you all heard of Loloi rugs? They recently sent me over a video they created that captures the process behind their handcrafted rugs and I was pretty blown away. #1 it makes me want to go to India #2 it makes me appreciate my always growing rug collection even more and #3 gets the maker in me really excited about the craft. 

loloi-livingroom3-640I have a mild obsession with rugs, as you may have noticed, I recently shared about how I usually start the design process by choosing the rug first, but it is also fun to see how changing up a rug in an already finished space can make such a big impact. I chose to style one of Loloi’s rugs from their Nomad Collection, in a dark color to illustrate just that. It turned the room from bright and airy to a more warm and cozy vibe in just the 2 minutes it took me to roll it out.

loloi-livingroom4-640loloi-livingroom-640In the video you will see a quote that reads “if you’re only looking at a finished rug it’s easy to forget how much craftsmanship is involved.” and that really resonated with me.  After taking that weaving class a couple weeks ago, and only getting a few inches on a tiny handheld loom finished, I have an extra appreciation for those rug weavers! It is easy to look at a finished room, a finished rug, all the furniture and not give much thought into the work, the people, and the craft that goes into each piece but the story behind an object is why I love to bring handcrafted pieces into a space and the video couldn’t illustrate it better. Check it out here, and next time you see a handcrafted rug you can enjoy it just a bit more. 

See the DIY post on how I made these shelves here.

johnny cash bash

johnny cash birthday partyThese photos make my heart swell times x a bazillion so today I am selfishly sharing photos of Archer’s 1st birthday (and my 34th) party. I shared a few sneak peeks via instagram but I had Birds of a Feather shoot so I could enjoy the party and know all the memory capturing was in good hands.

cashparty-sss-1cashparty-61This was my first ever kids party and let me tell you, I was a teensy bit terrified except not the teensy part! I mean, kids and other people’s kids at my house, what in the world will I do with them? First I decided to pick a theme… and Johnny Cash it was! You see, Archer, Johnny, and I were all born on the same day, I wanted a unique theme that the adults would enjoy too, and I love me some Johnny, so it was kind of perfect.

johnny cash birthday partycashparty-1When I started brainstorming about activities and games for the kids I looked to Johnny Cash lyrics. I had the ring-of-fire ring toss, and a cardboard castle that I spray painted and turned into Folsom Prison. Other themed pieces of the party were a “tour bus” tent, guitar piñata (that i filled with toys like blow up guitars, sunglasses, microphones, & squirt guns) and the prison line-up backdrop I made for the AmuseBooth Photo Booth.

ARCHER'SBDAY-53cashparty-246ARCHER'SBDAY-31cashparty-2cashparty-177ARCHER'SBDAY-39ARCHER'SBDAY-104The best thing we did was hire a live band and they were AMAZING. They’re called The Duquesnes and they covered Johnny for us, naturally. Listening to them, dancing with Rupert, with Archie on my hip, was hands down my favorite part of the day.

cashparty-104cashparty-133cashparty-97cashparty-151cashparty-137Archie getting his first taste of cake was pretty great too though.

cashparty-194I was planning on making Archie’s cake but somewhere between Folsom prison spray painting, and creating a June-esque outfit to wear I was running real short on time so I bought those little angel food cake rounds from whole foods, trimmed around the edges to make them a more perfect cylinder and stacked it three high layering it with icing between. I did make the icing from scratch so I think that was a good time-save/made with love compromise. Plus it turned out pretty darn cute.

cashparty-190cashparty-198cashparty-201The jumbo sized Archie print came from our portrait session with Love Child Photo. I might just wallpaper every room with Archie faces.

cashparty-20cashparty-63cashparty-31Our modern pergola got finished just in the nick of time, we set the food up buffet style here.

cashparty-86cashparty-156cashparty-41cashparty-22A bit more Amusebooth fun…ARCHER'SBDAY-114ARCHER'SBDAY-18cashparty-233cashparty-255And my favorite photo of the day… little Archer (mini Johnny) covered in icing, playing the harmonica (or eating it, basically the same).

Photos by Birds of a Feather // Photo Booth by Amusebooth // Music by The Duquesnes

See more photos over on 100 Layer Cakelet


dining room before & after

dining room before & afterIt only took me two years but I finally decided on a chandelier for over the dining table. I rounded up a few of my favorites, way back when, but never pulled the trigger. Chandeliers are so expensive and I wanted something that would complement the other light fixtures but make a statement in it’s own right as well. When I saw this one on sale on Joss & Main, it was the extra nudge I needed to go for it. After all, I was really ready to be rid of the ho-hum white drum shade.

dining room before & after dining room before & afterSince I posted last on the dining room, we also removed the curtains and had these plantation shutters installed and now I can’t imagine them not there (well I guess I don’t have to, you can see it before, here).

dining room before & afterdining room before & afterAnd now the most satisfying part, the BEFORE and AFTERS…


in my bag: florida

in my bag florida // sarah sherman samuelWe are planning a trip to Florida to visit family (Rupert’s mom and my sister), and I did a little online shopping to fill my suitcase. Here are a few items that made the cut…

Wide Brim Hat // Denim Dress // Sunglasses // Black Heeled Sandals // Blush Tote // Halter Bikini Top // Midi Length Skirt // Strappy Sandals // White Bucket Bag // White Shorts // Flip Flops // Black Swimsuit 

weekend scenes: double birthday

happy balloons // sarah sherman samuelWhat do you do when you, your son, and Johnny Cash all share a birthday? Duh… you throw a Johnny Cash themed party! And that is what we did for Archie’s first and my {cough cough} thirty fourth. If you follow along on Instagram you’ve already seen these few peeks from the day, but more to come soon! We had Birds of a Feather shoot the party, so you know they will have some good ones.

johnny cash birthday party // sarah sherman samueljohnny cash party // prison line-up photo booth backdrop // amuse booth // sarah sherman samuelthe duquense // birthday party // sarah sherman samuelWe all dressed up as our best Johnny and Junes, ate a mean BBQ lunch, got silly in the Amusebooth, danced, and listened to my new favorite band The Duquesnes as they covered Johnny Cash for the party.

Images by me, iphone via instagram (I’m @sarahshermansamuel)

Black and white rug from esalerugs // Skirt from Princepessa // Crop Top from Shopbop // Archer’s vest from H&M