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weekend scenes: samuel A-frame

samuel A-frame My parents are visiting from Michigan, so on Sunday we headed down to Palm Springs to scope out the A-frame, start making plans, and treat my mom and dad to some r&r in the desert. Hopefully I sufficiently buttered them up enough to get some more free labor (like on the Michigan cabin) once the renovations begin.

My current favorite space at the A-frame is the garden. Along with the rest of the place, it’s in need of a lot of love, but filled with cactus, fruit trees, eucalyptus and olive trees! Major oasis potential. My black thumb won’t do anyone any good here, but I am willing to learn, so any landscaping/gardening recommendations are gladly accepted.

Hope you had a lovely start to the week. x

Images by me via Instagram (I’m @sarahshermansamuel)

in my bag: thanksgiving


Yay for the holidays, downtime, family, and lots of good food. I am so looking forward to all of it. This year we are planning to have Thanksgiving at the new A-frame, as long as it is habitable at that moment, and I am already packing my virtual bag. A cozy sweater wrap to hide the extra servings of turkey dinner, comfy pajamas for when the tryptophan kicks in, a bucket bag to tuck in some leftovers, and some gilded slippers to up the class while you are watching football in your PJs. Now bring on the pumpkin pie!

Bucket Bag // Long Cardigan // Black Leather-like Jeans // Leopard Slides // Gingham Scarf // Chambray Shirt // Jeans // Ankle Boots // Gold Slippers // Striped Pajamas

sanity in a sock with owlet

owlet baby monitor // sarah sherman samuelOnce in awhile you come across a new product that is life changing and you want to shout about it from the rooftops, “HELLO HELLO LOOK AT THIS!”, and the new Owlet Monitor is one of those goodies, in a major way. In short, it is a smart sock for your baby, which sends an alert to a base station, as well as your mobile phone, if your infant’s heart rate is out of the ordinary or if their oxygen level dips too low. The technology is actually nothing new, it’s that same idea behind that thing that clips onto your finger when you are in the hospital, but made in a tiny (adorable) cordless sock for babies and for everyday use at home.

owlet baby monitor // sarah sherman samuelowlet baby monitor // sarah sherman samuelI wish we had the sock from the very beginning, as I don’t know how many hours we spent obsessively staring at the video monitor to check for breathing and around 6 months, before Archer was really able to roll over easily (with his giant head), he started getting into the habit of falling asleep literally face planted right into the mattress. It drove us crazy! It used to feel like A LOT of work getting this kiddo to nap so the last thing we wanted to do was go in and wake him up. More often than not, we would end up heading in there and just pray he wouldn’t wake up as we turned his head to the side or flipped him. We had about a 50/50 success rate, which just added to the frustration. And if that wasn’t enough, around the same age, we figured he was old enough to give a “lovie” so we introduced him to a small knitted blanket that my mom made and he loved it. We were so happy he attached himself to it so quickly and it really did seem to help him sleep better. BUT then… he began to completely wrap it around his head like tiny turban, covering his entire face. WHY ARE BABIES SO WEIRD?! Again, we would wake up a million times a night checking to see if he had his face covered and sometimes moving the blanket aside. We ended up getting my mom to knit an even tinier blanket (about the size of a washcloth) so there was no longer a possible wrapping face situation, but we never stopped obsessing.

AND THEN, along came Owlet and with it, better sleep for us. Now, I know I will be alerted if his blankie is hindering his breathing, or if that face-plant actually needs to be rectified or not. Really, I am excited technology like this exists and I am so happy to have this platform to be able to pass it along. It is something that has given me a little more peace of mind, a lot less hours spent obsessing and staring at a video monitor (of course I still do here and there but only to relish in the adorable-ness not to look for the rise and fall of a tiny chest), and an extra watchful eye, because babies do weird things and new mamas (and papas) tend to worry.

Owlet is offering SSS readers $10 off a monitor by clicking here – the price is automatically updated to reflect the promotion.

Images by Sarah Sherman Samuel // Archer’s pajamas from Old Navy

Announcing… Samuel A-frame!

I am ‘squirming in my seat excited’ to share some news that is two-fold, a teensy bit bitter and a lot bit sweet. First, while we were in the mode of big changes over here… we sold our cabin in Michigan!    Ok, as I type this I am getting a little sentimental and feeling that bitter side just a titch more. We recently said goodbye to our little oasis in Michigan, as it was increasingly difficult to get there as much as we would have liked to BUT…. since we had so much fun renovating the cabin from top to bottom we are now saying hello to a new cabin, a new project, in a new place (a lot closer to home). WE JUST BOUGHT THIS A-FRAME IN PALM SPRINGS!

a-frame // sarah sherman samuelMuch like the Michigan cabin, this place needs A LOT of work. The inside is just woah, and not in a good way. I’m talking painted cloud murals, a scary dungeon-esque bathroom, and stanky old carpet… just to name a few. But, look at the bones! I have alwayyyyyys loved an A-frame and this one is pretty freaking unique. I mean do you see that roofline? That gap at the top is also a skylight that runs the length of the A-frame. My heart eyes were popping out of my face so hard when I saw it.

a-frame // sarah sherman samuelSo let the renovating begin! I can’t wait to get over there and start making it our new special hideaway. I snapped these photos with my iPhone quick when we went to pick up the keys this weekend (eeeeeeek!) but I will share a full proper tour soon! x

See the Michigan Cabin renovations from start to finish (well in reverse order) here. 


Laundry room update

laundry room renovation // sarah sherman samuelOur laundry room is starting to shape up to the room of my dreams! In case you missed it… we started from scratch with this room. Previously the washer and dryer was directly next to the dishwasher and in the same cubby room as the refrigerator as well. We knocked down the wall dividing that room from the rest of the kitchen to make the kitchen larger and then added on this small room off the back for a separate laundry room. Until now, the room remained a little white box receiving none of the love that we gave to the rest of the house.

laundry room renovation // sarah sherman samuellaundry room renovation // sarah sherman samuelI’d like to think we made up for it by going all out with this stunning wallpaper. The best part is how you see it peeking through the doorway from the kitchen and the green of the leaves in the paper compliments the green of our base cabinets (which is called “pigeon” by Farrow & Ball).

laundry room renovation // sarah sherman samuelWe also installed a base cabinet, from Ikea, to house laundry detergent and various cleaning supplies (you can see it in the top photo) and we customized a walnut butcher block (it is the oversized one that is usually meant for a kitchen island, also from Ikea) by cutting it down to fit wall to wall in the space and create a nice surface to fluff and fold.

To finish the space off I’d still like to put up some shelves, have some kind of hanging storage, and find a rug. Getting close though…

To see all of the home renovation progress check here.

Wallpaper by Ellie Cashman // Butcher Block from Ikea // Cake Stands from Sarah Sherman Samuel

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