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Friday Links

morning routine // lou mora // sarah sherman samuelHappy Friday folks, we made it. I hope you are reading this dressed up in an amazingly ridiculous costume while your co-workers give you the sideways stink eye. I am typing this as Ariel at the moment, however at home it doesn’t make as much of an impact. Archie and our new studio manager seem to approve though. Hope you all have a great halloween and come Sunday let’s all curse the time change together.

Here are a few links for your reading pleasure if you don’t have children and get to sleep in.

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Photo by Lou Mora interrupting my morning routine while they were living in our driveway.

not your grandma’s gallery wall

how to build an artful gallery wall from family moments // sarah sherman samuel Last holiday season, I was very pregnant and very late to the decorating game (I shared our Christmas decor on December 30th, whoops). We were also just coming off all the major renovations, so empty walls were pretty much a thing. This year, I am trying to put all the finishing touches I have left hanging, BEFORE all the friends and family come. The sorely neglected family room was this weekend’s project.

You may remember our DIY Built-ins in the living room, but the other side of the space has remained empty, aside from a sofa, for way too long. So, when I heard about Framebridge and had the chance to partner with them to FINALLY get some art on the walls, I jumped at the chance.

printing and framing for an artful gallery wall // sarah sherman samuel how to: printing and framing for an artful gallery wall // sarah sherman samuel I knew I wanted to create a gallery wall in the space to offset the odd window placement as well as display family photos and memories we hold close. However, being such a main wall in a central location of the house, I didn’t want to use traditional family portraits or photos. I wanted it to look more art than family tree. So, I combed through my own instagram feed to find more creative images of personal moments that make me go awwww, but ones that a total stranger could still appreciate.

how to: build an artful gallery wall from family moments // sarah sherman samuel building an artful gallery wall from family moments // sarah sherman samuel I got started by first selecting about 10-20 of my favorite images and pulled them into a folder on my desktop. Then I went to the wall and just started taping off shapes, rather willy nilly. I didn’t worry about having the exact proportions of a 8×10″ or 20×30″ photo (for example) because with Framebridge everything is completely custom. You can have a 10.25″ x 32.4″ frame if you really wanted.

Once I got my masking tape shapes to a place that I felt was balanced, I measured them and went back to the art narrowed down my images to the amount of tape frames I had and selected which images worked best in the sizes I had created on the wall.  I then started plugging them into the frames on their website. This is most likely a backwards way from what most people do, but since it is all my own art (Framebridge does the printing too) and I had more than enough to fill 10 houses with gallery walls, I was more flexible with the images than the layout of the frames (which ended up taking priority) and made it a heck of a lot easier. To each their own of course, but for me, it took all the guesswork out of it.

When you upload the art to Framebridge, they make it incredibly easy on you by giving you not only a rendering of how the art will look in the frame, but they do all the math of how big the finished product will be, with or without a mat and with whichever frame you choose. What I did was, upload an image, select the mat (or not), choose the frame, and if it didn’t come out to the size I was looking for I just hit the back button, adjusted a little slider to make the original image larger or smaller and then went back to the frame selection page to see what the new measurement is. Then I simply went back and forth until the final measurement is how I wanted it.

It felt like Christmas day when all the boxes showed up at my doorstep! Now I am one step closer to having the house holiday entertaining ready.

Get all the sources, a peek at the process and my top tips for creating an artful and balanced gallery wall, after the jump… READ MORE

weekend scenes & tunes on repeat

diving // sarah sherman samuelIt was one of those weekends that flashed by in a nano-second and didn’t feel much like a break, but we did manage to steal a moment to plunge into a neighbor’s pool. This was also a very fitting image for the weekend because I have had this song on repeat yet again, now that Børns has released his first full album. When I first saw him on Conan O’brian, maybe a year ago-ish, I couldn’t get that song out of my head. I played it for Archie while he was in the womb hoping to instill some good music taste early. YOU WILL LIKE IT ARCH! haha. It wasn’t until more recently I found out he is from my hometown in Michigan! We went to the same high school, which kinda blew my mind. I love seeing great talent come out of Michigan and he is no exception.

Image by me via Instagram (I’m @sarahshermansamuel)

SSS Travels: Korakia Palm Springs

korakia / palm springs // sarah sherman samuelLast week I headed out to one of my favorite spots in the desert, Korakia Pensione. Seeing as they don’t allow children, I didn’t think I would be headed back for a while. However, luck of all lucks, I worked on a shoot with Sunset Magazine in Palm Springs which landed me happily in the charming oasis.

korakia // palm springs // sarah sherman samuelkorakia / palm springs / sarah sherman samuelEven though you are deep in the desert, there are moments you’ll feel like you’ve been transported somewhere along the Mediterranean. Each room is different, most have small kitchens and some have fireplaces which ups the already high romantic factor. When you check in, you are given an actual key to your named (not numbered) room, breakfast is included in the price and served every morning in the courtyard, bikes are available to use at no charge, and they play movies outside each night under the stars. It’s details like these that make the place like magic.

korakia, palm springs / sarah sherman samuelkorakia | palm springs | sarah sherman samuelkorakia - palm springs - sarah sherman samuelAs I headed out for the 2.5 hour drive after putting Archer down for the night, with only the lights of other cars and the music on the radio to keep me company, I realized I hadn’t been by myself for more than a few moments since before Archer was born (7 months) and I have to say it felt good. Coming from someone that has worked from home for a couple years now, I was extremely used to, and probably took for granted, alone time. From the moment Arch arrived, things have been non-stop and having solo downtime was nowhere near my radar. I have to say I am thankful to have happened upon it, as I could feel my shoulders relax and my head start to de-stress as I drove into the night. Of course I was equally excited to get back to my babe and babe of a husband after the trip, but it was definitely an eye-opening reminder saying hey mama, you need some quiet time too.

So I say… if you find yourself in need of a retreat, grab your lover or yourself (well maybe not grab yourself, but you know what I mean) and head to a peaceful getaway, and if you are near Palm Springs, I highly recommend it be Korakia.

Images by me via Instagram (I’m @sarahshermansamuel)

wedding guest style

wedding guest - midi skirt - crop top // sarah sherman samuelWe are still waiting hard on the sweater weather to come to LA and while we are in our eternal summer bubble, I am taking full advantage. Technically, you could put a denim jacket over the top and add a closed toe pump to make it a titch more fall-ish, but last week I had a wedding to attend in the Mexico heat and this is what I wore.

wedding guest - midi skirt - crop top // sarah sherman samuelwedding guest - midi skirt - crop top // sarah sherman samuelwedding guest - midi skirt - crop top // sarah sherman samuelIn other news… I have had my favorite photographer, blogger, writer, traveler duo extraordinaire known as Sarah Yates Mora and Lou Mora camping out in my driveway! Yes, driveway, ha. They recently bought an RV and have been travelling around for weeks at a time with their two dogs and bunny (those crazy cats head off to Fiji next week!). Anyway, I was more than happy to host them for a while as it meant the most delicious lunches made by Sarah and I managed to finagle my way to get Lou to take these photos. He’s a damn genius.

And in other, other news… do  you guys still watch Project Runway? I hardly have a chance to watch TV these days but it is my one show right now. I hunker down after Archie is asleep with a pint of Mcconnell’s Double Peanut Butter Chip and get my reality TV fix. The winning look on the first episode had a crop top that was out of the same fabric as this one, so naturally I was excited to already have it in my closet. That Ashley is a good one. #fangirl

shop the look: Skirt from Asos // Crop Top by zinke // Sandals by Belle Sigerson Morrison // Cuffs by J.crew and Brandy Pham 

Photos by Lou Mora

from the weekend: mexico

encuentro guadalupeHappy monday… we are just getting settled back in from our roat trip to Mexico! We did some serious glamping, introduced Archie to all sorts of new sites, and danced under the stars. I’ll be sharing more about the route once I get through the zillion photos I took and recover from the post vacation blues. ;)

Photo above at the restaurant at Encuentro Guadalupe, by me via instagram (I’m @sarahshermansamuel)