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Furniture for sale!

neutra dining table for sale // smitten studioOk guys, the time has come for me to part with some of my favorite furniture pieces, tears may shed. I think I’ve mentioned before, the new house has much smaller rooms than our old townhouse. We basically moved from an ultra modern loft-like space to an old “cozy” bungalow (that we are slowly modernizing). So, we ran into the problem that most of our furniture just doesn’t fit. While I wish I could continue hoarding these pieces in my garage, it would be nice to put the money towards new furniture that works in our new space.

There are three items up for grabs starting with this walnut dining table. No matter how hard I tried to shrink it with a “command, T” action, it stubbornly stayed its much too large size. It is a Nuetra Table from Room Service made of walnut and steel. It measure 96″ x 36″ x 30″. We paid $2300 for it a few years ago and are asking $1200.

Credenza for sale // smitten studioSecond up is equally as heart breaking to give up, our credenza. It is also from Room Service, measures 90″ x 20″ x 27.5″ and is macassar and white lacquer. Original price was $2800 we are selling it for $1600.

american leather comfort sleeper  for sale // smitten studioAnd finally, this sofa-bed. When I was using our spare room for my office I had to get rid of the bed but we still wanted a really nice place for guests to come and sleep, so we splurged on this American Leather Comfort Sleeper from H.D. Buttercup (they are also available at Design Within Reach). The thing about this sofa bed is that it feels like a real-deal proper mattress. It is engineered differently then your normal sleeper so that there are no bars or funky springs to poke you while you sleep. You can read more about it here. It folds out to a queen sized bed, closed it measures 68″ x 36″ x 39″. The original price was $3600 and we are asking $1900.

Each item is in great condition. Local pick-up only (los angeles). Post a comment or email me if you are interested! If they don’t sell here I will be putting them on craigslist, but I wanted to give you guys the first chance.

home progress: finished flooring & drywall

Before I get to showing you the kitchen demolition we did over the weekend with my parents I want to catch up on the new flooring and how we finished opening up the kitchen.

kitchen floor & drywall progress Here is where we left off with the layers and layers of old kitchen flooring coming up and the rough holes busted into the walls.

kitchen floor & drywall progress We had the new oak flooring laid to match the existing and had it laced in so you can’t see the seam…

kitchen floor & drywall progress and finally stained all of the wood a dark ebony color. As you can see, Pikku couldn’t wait to show off the new floors. More after the jump…


smitten travels: the ace, palm springs

palm springsthe ace palm springsthe ace, palm springsthe ace palm springsthe ace, palm springsthe ace, palm springsWhen I think of what Palm Springs looks like, I think of the Ace Hotel. Add the decor with the super cozy beds (they have latex mattresses, I checked what kind because I liked the beds THAT much), the chilaquiles for breakfast and the fish tacos for lunch and I could move right in…permanently.

Even though I have stayed at the Ace in Palm Springs a multitude of times, every time I visit I still find little corners that I hadn’t discovered before. I love going during the week when the it’s quiet and the weekend madness hasn’t yet arrived.

I was there last week for an event called Designer Vaca where 50 some female designers gathered together for a little fun in the sun and a bit of work chat too. I spoke on a panel where I talked about my career path and the whys and hows of when I decided to quit my full-time job to launch my own business. I left the retreat feeling a sense of community that you don’t always get when you work solo a lot of the time. I mean how often do you get to be in a room with 50 people that have the same passion? (magic) It had me craving more creative collaborations and laughing until my cheeks hurt.

To get a better glimpse into the event check out this video by Jaymee of JayAdores

Images by sarah sherman samuel

To see more of “smitten travels” check here

from the weekend: quality renovation time

10.6.13-weekendAny free time we’ve had lately has been dedicated to our new house and this past weekend was no exception. Lucky for me, I suckered my parents into flying out for a visit and helping us out with some of our DIY projects, so we were able to get a ton crossed off of our to do list (yay for free labor!).

We made no less then 5 trips to Home Depot, completely gutted the kitchen, started rebuilding the kitchen, ran electrical for some new lighting, changed the locks, painted and then painted some more.

Cheers to progress and double cheers to my parents!

Images by me via Instagram (I’m @sarahshermansamuel)

home progress: more demo & floor work

Woot woot the kitchen flooring is going and will soon be gone. There were layers of ceramic tile, cement board, and linoleum that had to be removed so that when we lace in the new wood flooring the kitchen will be the same level as the dining room. So, no more tripping my way into the kitchen (well, I guess there is no guarantee that my clumsiness won’t still find a way to trip up, but at least the odds will be better).

kitchen floor progress kitchen progressMore progress after the jump…


my style: fall neutrals

fall neutrals // smitten studiofall neutrals // smitten studiofall neutrals k/ller ring // smitten studiofall neutrals // smitten studiofall neutrals // smitten studioEven though autumn in LA is usually the best weather of the year, there is something about the ushering in of the fall that has me reaching for darker colors and soft textures like suede, silk, & wool.

Shopping guide: 1: Hat from Skylark find similar here 2: Shirt from Club Monaco (old, find similar here) 3: Jeans by Paige 4: Ring by K/ller (gorgeous matching Bangle here) 5: Shoes by Joe’s Jeans (also in Black here) 6: Necklace by Loren Stewart 7: Bag by Madewell