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bedroom inspiration

bedroom inspiration // smitten studioHere are some bedrooms that I’ve been swooning over lately. I seem to be really drawn to pops of color in a mostly white room as all of these fall into that category. Our last bedroom was full of color and I was right at home there, however I still do love a monochromatic space like the ones below (especially when pattern on pattern comes to play).

bedroom inspiration black and white // smitten studioLuckily we have two bedrooms in this house, so maybe I’ll just do one of each? Although, I’m pretty sure I’ll want to sleep in the room with color. :)

Which do you prefer?

Top set sources: 1: via The Design Files 2: via SF Girl By Bay 3: Room by Lilly Bunn 4: via The Style Files

Bottom set sources: 1: via House and Home 2: Bedroom by Michelle Adams via Lonny Magazine 3: Bedroom by The Brick House 4: Via Hannas Inspo

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home before tour: bedrooms

Continuing on with the “before” tour are the bedrooms. Basically there are two identical bedrooms (one’s just a bit smaller) and they are both a little yellow box with two windows each.

bedroom-beforeIs it just me or does it look like a scary monster face in those curtains?

bedroom-before2 bedroom-before3As you can probably see, these rooms are tiny and there is no way in heck we are fitting our king bed in here, and a queen would still be really pushing it (well, actually right now we do have our king bed in here and we can’t open the closet all the way even with the bed pushed against the wall). After the jump you will notice that a crib is basically the only bed fitting into this room at this size.

So, the plan here is to extend one of the bedrooms into the backyard. We don’t want to cut too far into the backyard, so we will only be adding a few feet to the bedroom (as well as a new bathroom). The main idea is that once we are finished we will at least have room to fit a nightstand on each side of a bed.

One thing we will be keeping for sure are the doors and the trim. I love the simple three panels on the doors and think they suit the house just right.

A peek at the back of the house (its yellow too!) and the bedroom, how we first saw it, is after the jump…


from the weekend: flea market haul

flea market score smitten studioThis weekend we spent a lot of time working on and shopping for the house. Since we are still living in an empty shell while we are working away at the interior, my relief comes in the form of furniture shopping. :) At least I know there will be somewhere to sit in there someday.

We hit up the Rose Bowl flea market last weekend and came up empty handed but the Long Beach Flea market this Sunday was a different story. We scored the cow hide rug ($125), (cracker ate most of this one so it was about time we replaced it), two of the green lamps ($25 each), and these amazing chairs ($100 each).

The material is worn on the chairs and they are missing some buttons on the seat, so the plan is to reupholster them, but I so fell in love with the shape. I hadn’t seen this silhouette before. I’m assuming they are Danish but could be wrong. Does anyone recognize them by chance?

iPhone image by me. (also instagramed, I’m @sarahshermansamuel)

smitten links

link love // smitten studioBefore I launched Smitten Studio I used to sit at my full-time job and pour through blogs (luckily it was part of the job description), getting inspired by the many people that were blazing their own paths and working for themselves. I always knew I eventually wanted to do that myself, so my first step was to start my blog. Almost a year after I shared my first post, I left my job to dedicate all my working time to create original content on Smitten Studio and to launch my own product line, A Sunny Afternoon.

Being so busy with said projects I haven’t really had the time to read other blogs and I miss getting those doses of inspiration. So, I thought I’d start this new little feature that will encourage me to check out what else is going on out there, once in a while, and I will report back my favorite finds.  Here we go…

1: This might be my favorite style post image of all time. Sarah & Lou make photo magic happen.
2: Breanna Rose puts together a great mix tape for a chill workday.
3: The shop owner of one of my new favorite stores in Michigan had her house featured this week and my jaw dropped when I saw this shelving in the dining room.
4: An inspiring creative journey that reminded me so much of my own story and encouraged me to keep on keepin’ on.

Is this something you guys would like to see? Or do you get enough of these in your own reading?

A Sunny Afternoon Shop Update

A Sunny Afternoon Small Serving BoardWe made a new batch of the small handled serving boards and they’re back up in the shop today! For those of you waiting on the large and/or the small arrow, they will be finished and available again soon.

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P.S. The voting period for the American Made Awards by Martha Stewart has been extended until the 22nd! We are still in the running as we are in the top 5-ish in our category, however, there are a few other makers that a have a lot more votes. So, we need a big push! I really appreciate all of you who have been voting for us. x sarah

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