Entries from July 31st, 2012

my style: black romper & patterned shoes


This little romper was a big hit with Rupert on date night last weekend, so I figured why not make this weeks style post out of it. Here is how I styled it:

1. Romper by Indah found at Princepessa // 2. Mint Clutch by Asos // 3. Feather Necklace from F21 // 4. Shoes by 80%20  // Love ring by Jen’s Pirate Booty also from Princepessa

from the weekend: happy wife

7.30weekendRupe was in Toronto all last week shooting a TV spot so it was nice to have him home this weekend. We went on a few hikes, ate at a few of our favorite spots and watched a lot of the Olympics.

Photos from my iPhone and Instagram Feed.

pattern spy: the inkblot

patternspy-inkblotI have always been kind of fascinated with the Rorschach test and I love how the inkblot patterns look translated into use as decoration. I recently saw an inkblot pillow in HD buttercup but I couldn’t find who it was made by or how much it was, so I passed it over. Regretting that, I went on a search and thankfully found the one above on Pigeon Toe’s online shop.

While looking I was also reminded of Mondo’s amazing dress from Project Runway’s all star season, and fell in love with Warhol’s gilded version as a print. Not sure what Rorschach would think of me wanting to splash these patterns on everything but I think they are crazy good!

1. Mondo’s Project Runway Dress // 2. Pigeon Toe Napkin // 3. Andy Warhol Print // 4. Pigeon Toe Pillow

cabin progress: bedroom update

Bedroom-ceiling-going-upThe bedroom is coming along bit by bit. Here are a few shots of us in the process of putting in the new ceiling. We picked up this carsiding from menards, my mom and I painted it, then Rupe and my dad put it up. Voila! done and done.

bedroom-progress2So far in the bedroom we have:

1. Taken out all the walls, floor, ceiling, doors, and bunk beds. 2. Put in new flooring. 3. Put up the new ceiling. 4. Put in drywall. 5. Framed out the new closets. 6. Put in new doors. 7. Installed a new overhead light (also from Menards).

Before moving in any furniture or decorating we still have to:
1. Mud and sand the drywall seams. 2. Hang closet doors. 3. Put in all the trim. 4. Paint. 5. Re-build one set of bunk beds.

To see how the bedroom looked before look here, to see my plan for the bedroom go here and to see the full cabin progression look here.

Cotélac Styling

While putting together last week’s style post I came across the lookbook for the charming French brand Cotélac. I had bought this bag on my last trip to France and never bothered to look up their online shop until now. Have you guys seen this? I love LOVE the way they styled their Spring/Summer 2012 collection.

Cotelac-stylingcotelac-styling2So good right? The bag I have from them also happens to be one of my all time favorites. When it is rolled up, like I have it here, it is a small shoulder bag, but if you unbuckle the two buckles it unfolds into a large roomy tote! Genius.

Images from Cotélac

from the weekend: walk on the beach

beach-lifeguardWell, this was about all I saw of the beautiful weather this weekend because about 30 minutes after I took this photo I got violently ill with food poisoning! I am very glad to be feeling back to normal now, but what a waste of a weekend… hope everyone else had a more pleasant break. At least it made for a good excuse to watch the 3 hour long Bachelorette finale… guilt free. ha