Entries from April 20th, 2012

Pattern Spy: Kitty Cats



So, although I have two dogs right now I refuse to take part in the “cat person” or “dog person” labeling high jinks. I grew up with both felines and a canine in my home so I really do like them all! If it were up to me I would probably have dogs, cats, a pig, maybe a couple goats, chickens, and definitely an alpaca (they are just so cute!) …but I guess I would definitely need a bigger yard. Anyway, back to the point…here are some darling cat motifs done right for your closet, your cupboard, and your wall which have me calling “here kitty kitty”!

1: Victoria Beckham Dress  // 2: Donna Wilson Plates  //  3: Sanderson Wallpaper

my style: beaded shorts


It has been so nice in LA the last couple days that I just had to bust out these beaded shorts. These guys recently made their way into my suitcase when headed to Palm Springs.

Beaded shorts: TopShop, White Blouse: Madewell, Wishbone Necklace: gifted, Boots: Madewell, Sunglasses: RayBan

Progress: Drywall going up

Here is what is going on right now in the living room and kitchen area. Image 1 shows our newly stripped down walls, which needed some repair from water and bug damage. Next came insulation and now the drywall is getting hung. Thanks mom and dad for tackling the drywall while I’m not there! More free labor…YES!



Bathroom Inspiration


Ok, now this is more like it. Here are a few dreamy bathrooms that emulate the look I am going for. While I would LOVE a claw foot tub, it’s not going to happen in our 46″ wide bathroom. I am however digging the rustic feel of these bathrooms, the dark walls mixed with white tile, the subtle touches of color and natural wood. I’d say almost anything would be an improvement of what is going on here right now.

1 // 2 // 3 // 4

bathroom before

Shield your eyes because this just isn’t pretty.


So this is what we are working with, wonderful hmm? Yuck…oh and don’t worry those little whale stencils will turn up again in the tour!

To see a summary of the “before” tour see here.

from the weekend: New ‘Do


After about 5 years of “bangs?…no bangs?” discussions with my friend Giselle and my hair stylist Jen, I finally got the nerve to give them the chop. Jen did an amazing job, as she always does, and now I am a happy “fringe” (as my English husband would call them) convert. However, my hair grows like nobodies business so we will see how long I will last with the upkeep.