Entries from March 31st, 2012

our siding

fiber cement siding

Today we tackle the siding…We decided to go with fiber cement siding because it has the durability of concrete but the look of wood, is low maintenance compared to wood siding and we get to paint it whatever color our hearts desire. yee haw. Here are a few of the planks that are just primed, ready to go up and then be painted.

progress: no siding

We jumped right in this morning…my dad tore off all of the old nasty siding while my mom and I tackled painting the ceiling. After one coat my arms and neck feel like they are already going to fall right off. I realized today that my 60 year old dad has way more stamina then me!


So here is the cabin without the siding and with just the tar paper…an improvement over this already. Next is putting up all the sheathing and then the new siding, and THEN finally, we get to paint it. I seriously can not wait to get rid of that maroonish-redish dried blood color.

at the cabin


I made it to the cabin today! After a long day of travel from LA it is a huge reward to be welcomed by this. I realized that when I posted the “before” photos of the exterior of the cabin I left out the view, which is by far and away the best part! I am here for a few days to really dig into the renovations and solidify some plans. I have already spent a few too many hours in Menards (like home depot but better) and a few too many hours without a shower (no running water in the cabin right now) but I am loving every minute of it.

Image by Sarah

my style: casual tuesday


Blazer: Zara, Polka Dot Shirt: Madewell, Neon Belt: Target, Jeans: JCrew, Green Shoes: Madewell, Llama Necklace: Madewell. Leather Bag: Dean

Abbot Kinney Love


So fun to hear that our neighborhood is home to “the Coolest Block in America“! As recently named by GQ magazine. Here are a few shots I took with instagram of some recent afternoons spent along that cool block called Abbot Kinney. Shown is the Mascarpone Panna Cotta from Gjelina and Rupert about to enjoy some sliders from the Kogi truck.

Photo Camp

This weekend I was one of the lucky ones to take the photography workshop, Photo | Camp, with Laure from At Home At Home and Morgan from The Brick House. Another bonus was that it took place here in the super fun studio of Ban.do. Laure took this photo of the space that I kinda fell in love with.

I took the class to brush up on my rusty photography skills and gain some valuable tips from the pros in hopes that things will get a lot prettier around here. Below is a practice photo of our yummy after lunch treats that I took during the class.


Thanks Laure and Morgan for your tips, tricks, and a lovely time.

Images: 1st by Laure // 2nd by Sarah