The Mine Mandy Picks

More furniture for the Mandy Moore residence is trickling in and I wanted to highlight one of the websites that supplied some of the really great pieces. Above are a combination of items that made their way into Mandy’s home as well as a few more of my favorites from the site called The Mine. From toilets to dining tables (both of which are in the house now and I can’t wait to share where that stunning table goes) The Mine truly is a one stop shop for quality home goods.

Wood Side Table // Oval Dining Table // Syracuse Lounge Chair // Jacques Leather Desk // Fiberglass Side Table // Woven Pendant // Stilnovo Chandelier // Oregrund Chair // Undermount Sink // Gold Serving Tray // Matte Black Curtain Rod // Brass Mirror


  • This is great thanks! Wld love to know where the burlwood table is from. I’ve loved what we’ve seen in stories!

  • Love everything! You are so good.
    Would you know a cheaper version to the Oregrund chair ?
    Thank you and can’t wait to see the finished design;)

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