Asparagus & Pea Mini Frittatas

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asparagus & pea mini Frittatas I haven’t been cooking a lot, or really I should say AT ALL, since Archie was born but breakfast foods seem like a good way to ease back into it. I’m pretty sure eggs are the cooking equivalent of dipping your toe in the water. Rupert usually makes Archie breakfast during the week so on the weekend I wanted to cook up something a little more special than the usual scrambled eggs, but still something quick and easy. I used this recipe as inspiration and played it by ear a little with ingredients we mostly had around the house. I was happily shocked with how good they turned out! So with all that said, I am excited to share my Mini Asparagus and Pea Frittatas made with the help of my KitchenAid® Pro Line® Series Blender.


12 perfect planters


Let’s face it, I want ALL the plants (and all the planters), the more plants the better right? Especially for those of you in parts of the country where it is starting to get cooler and you’re settling in for the fall which then turns into winter, which can drag on a little too long. I am from Michigan, I remember. So now is the time to start collecting houseplants to make your home a lush green haven which will no doubt carry you all the way through to spring. I’ve rounded up a few of my current faves…


real talk real moms: diaper bag essentials

diapaer-bag-essesntialsThis month’s real talk topic is all about the goods, the diaper bag goods that is. The what we lug around with us and why and it is yet another one of the topics where I feel like I should be the last one giving advice on. I am kind of a serial non-preparer. I will never forget the first few times we left the house after Archer was born (unfortunately it was only for more hospital visits for me or doctors appointments for Arch) but we would walk out of the house without a dang diaper back every single time. The first time was at our first visit to the pediatrician and Rupert ran out the door and jumped into the car drove home to grab it and came back before the doctors assistant was able to finish her sentence saying it’s ok we have diapers and wipes here.

I also hardly ever carry a purse and have been known to lose a credit card or two every couple months once in a while because I usually leave the house with nothing but my credit card in my pocket.

So with that said, I am really looking forward to seeing and hearing about what all the other mamas from our series have hiding in their diaper bags, and what has them ready for every situation.

But in case you are wondering… I have rounded up the things I actually do use, whether I remember to take them or not is a whole different story.


A-frame kitchen progress

kitchen-progress-a-frame-cabin3-copyHiiiiii! Can you tell how relieved I am to finally have some progress to share on our money pit fixer a-frame? Well it seems like aside from the laundry room and a new roof, not much has been done but finally the kitchen is getting put back together, as we speak. Our new contractor has been great so far. He’s our third one! I guess the desert is notorious for squirrely contractors (I probably wouldn’t want to work in that heat either), but the a/c is now working and cabinets and countertops and tile are going in.   READ MORE

laundry room tour, before & after

finished-laundry-tour4-640Things are moving and shaking over at our A-frame cabin. We jetted over there last week to check on our new roof (!) and I shot the finished laundry room while we were at it. It’s the only space that is complete. It’s kind of a funny place to start, but renovations are full of surprises and hey, it feels so good to have one room in the bag. When we bought the place, the washer and dryer were broken and full of standing water, which was just one of the fun surprises we happened on. I worked with Electrolux to give this room an overhaul and get it back into a functional place to care for our clothes and linens. Just wait until you see the before photo!


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