A-frame bathroom update

While we are on the subject of bathrooms… I’m excited to be talking about some plans in our A-frame bathroom, finally! If you remember from the “before tour” the bathroom was a scary black hole. The lights didn’t work so you couldn’t really see what was going on in there. Well the good news is, we got the lights working again, the bad news is it might have been better in the dark! Luckily I have teamed up with Kohler to breathe new life into the loo.


Easing you into it… I thought I would share my plans for the space first.

The plan of attack it to brighten it up in there. I want this bathroom to be the ultimate spa retreat so I am going with a soft palette, natural materials, not too much contrast, and majorly upgraded fixtures… right down to the toilet.

That’s right… do you see that fixture in the image above that looks like some kind of a fancy trash bin? It is actually an intelligent toilet or better known as a modern day bidet! Why am I geeking out over a techie toilet? For one, I simply like how it looks like no other toilet I have seen. It has modern lines and is tankless so its compact design works well in our tight space. For two, there’s more features on this toilet than my car, ok not really, but the list of things this toilet can do is pretty long – it even has its own touchscreen remote control! There’s an integrated cleansing wand with a warm water spray for cleansing, a heated seat, warm-air drying feature, soft close lid, self-cleaning function for the wand that uses UV light, an automatic deodorization system, motion-activated hands-free opening and closing of the lid, and it even has a built-in night light!

I was skeptical at first about getting an intelligent toilet, it isn’t something people are dying to talk about, so I haven’t heard much about them. In fact, a recent Kohler survey found that of the 56 percent of Americans who aren’t open to using a bidet, one of four say it’s based on not knowing how to use one, so I am not alone. But now there is a handy how-to video which takes away all the mystery. My parents recently got one and love it. I went to a friend’s house that had one and they love it, clearly I have been missing out on something and so have a lot of us Americans. I’ve seen first-hand how bidets are way more common in other countries and after reading up on intelligent toilets and how much more hygienic they are I vote yes to upgrading our toileting experience.

bathroom-shower-tub-copy2Other plans to continue the luxe spa-like vibe include, installing Fireclay’s handmade tile, painting the stonework white and covering the old wallpaper with natural wood. I also designed a custom vanity and we are tearing out the old tub to replace it with a spa worthy bathtub.

And now for the…


bathroom-before-2bathroom-beforeThe first item on the agenda was to remove the carpet. Having carpet around a toilet really weirds me out. For the flooring we are continuing the same tile that we installed in the rest of the house. Second task is to bring in some light. Currently the entire ceiling lights up but it is florescent lighting with plastic panels underneath. I am planning to replace the ceiling and install recessed lighting as well as a solar tube, which will bring natural light into the space from above.

Wish us luck!

Shop the post:
Veil One Piece Intelligent Toilet by Kohler // Mirror from west elm // Sconces from cedar and moss // Robe hooks and towel ring by Kohler // Sink by Kohler // Tile by Fireclay, 6″ Hexagon in Calcite // Sink Faucet by Kohler // Tub Faucet by Kohler // Shower Faucet by Kohler // Vintage rug from Frances Loom // Toilet brush and TP holder by Schoolhouse Electric

This post was done in collaboration with Kohler. Thanks for supporting our sponsors!

  • The design plan looks beautiful!

    When the time comes, could you please share details of your solar tube installation and impact? I’m considering installing one. I’ve never seen one on any of the blogs I follow and I’d love a real life example.

    • HI Marti!
      Yes! I will post how it goes, fingers crossed it does the trick. I haven’t ever seen one installed either. x

      • Hi there from Australia – solar tubes are really common here and make a huge impact! Installation is really easy – we installed one in a long dark hall in our last home.

    • Hi Marti – my parents have one here in the UK. Two actually – both down their previously dark hallway. The impact is amazing – it’s super light. In fact I always look up at the ceiling when I’m walking down the corridor to see if the lights are on. It has this effect. They’re really amazing.

    • My parents installed solar tubes in their two upstairs bathrooms that don’t have any windows and it’s incredible the difference!

  • Do you have a link for the hooks and toilet paper holder?

    • HI Kelly, The robe hook is link above and thats a towel holder (not a toilet paper holder) it’s link above too! x

  • Diana S

    Any references for this vanity inspiration?! Who will your new bath vanity be sourced by?


    • Hi Diana,
      It is a custom vanity that I designed. I am having our contractor make it for me.


  • Omigosh that’s the coolest bathroom ever. Except for the carpet. That phone and the sunken tub. It’s like when you visit your bachelor uncle and geek out over his trippy house. Ohhh, yeah I know, it’s all got to go. But still…

  • Nod to the cabinet design.

  • The befores are so incredibly bad! It’s awesome. I’m looking forward to the transformation.

  • I have a VERY similar “before” bathroom from 1978 that desperately needs an update. I love what you did with your space and wondered who makes the tub? Thanks!

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  • […] if you remember from the rendering… I wanted the look of a solid concrete tub but with all the bells and whistles of a fancy […]

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