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Fall Decor Update

daybed // sarah sherman samuelBringing personal touches into a home is always high on my priority list when designing spaces for myself and for others. One of my favorite ways to do this is to incorporate artwork created from memories or photos that mean something to me and Shutterfly makes it super easy. Whether you are looking to get your house ready for the holidays or are wanting to put a personal touch in your space as a fall update, they have so many options.

daybed // sarah sherman samuel As we are getting ready for a baby and all the family that will be visiting over the holidays, I turned to Shutterfly to warm up our home for the fall. A few posts back I talked about how I am converting our family room/playroom into the new nursery but the room is still very much a central part of the home, so we don’t want it to look too different from the style of the rest of the house. Above is the first glimpse at how that is starting to come together. We brought in that vintage daybed and fully utilized one of my favorite rules for fall decorating which is to layer on the pillows! The more the merrier.

I used artwork straight from my sketchbook from Rupe and I’s trip to Amangiri (I will forever be inspired by that place). The colors of the desert are perfect for this time of year and if you look back at my photos, the patterns I created were inspired by the landscape and architecture of and around the one-of-a-kind resort.

I just took photos of my sketchbook pages to create digital artwork from my sketches. Shutterfly makes it super simple to upload your own artwork or photos with a click of a button. They carry 4 different pillow sizes and I was able to upload all my patterns and then came the fun part, picking and choosing which art goes on what size.

The other great thing about creating your own personal artwork and marrying it to product with Shutterfly is that with all the different product options they carry you can sprinkle memories all around the house. You also don’t have to be a designer to create these products, really anyone can do it. Woven blankets are one item on their site I hadn’t seen before so I was really excited to get one made to add extra warmth and texture for the cooler months.

And coasters are also perfect little blank canvases that are useful to have around the house for all the holiday entertaining. They would make a great personalized holiday gift for your favorite hostess too! To create these, I used the same artwork files I uploaded for the pillows and simply scaled them down to fit on the coaster.

Swapping out your bedding and throw pillows is another easy way to give your home a little fall update and when it comes to printing your own patterns I like to keep a few tips in mind.

  1. Create a fairly limited color palette so all the patterns easily work well together.
  2. Play with the background colors. Have some with a dark background and some with a light background for contrast.
  3. Vary the scale of the patterns. As you can see above one pattern has a lot of negative space and small shapes, another has lines that fill the pillow and another has two large graphic shapes. By varying the visual weight of the patterns it adds interest and flow as opposed to all the same scale pattern.

I hope this helps you get excited to personalize and update your own home for the season and stay tuned for the full nursery/family room reveal.

Additional Sources: Daybed is Vintage from Elsie Green // Rug is from Esalerugs.com // Rocking Chair from West Elm // Bedroom Sconces from Cedar and Moss

Thank you to Shutterfly for sponsoring this post. As always all thoughts and ideas are my own.

Mandy Moore Guest Bathroom plans & design

mandy moore guest bath progess and design plans // Sarah Sherman Samuel

I probably say this with every new space but this might go down as one of my all time favorite bathrooms I’ve designed. The color palette, the fixtures and the extra special floor, I just can’t wait for it to all come to life. So many little details went into this room and a little finish selection like shown above only scratches the surface of what awent into a bathroom design but it really is the cherry on top and gives you a great glimpse into how this space is going to turn out.

But before we get into the details… let’s take a look back at where we started.


Bump Style – Cocoon Dress

maternity style // cocoon dress // sarah sherman samuel I’m pretty sure a cocoon dress might be the most comfortable and surprisingly flattering maternity silhouette out there. I have basically been rotating 3 cocoon dresses throughout the entire pregnancy and the best part is it is completely flattering without a bump as well. Somehow Miranda Bennett has figured out such a magic shape perfectly and I’ve rounded up a few of my other favorites at the bottom of the post.


Nursery Design 2.0

You’re probably thinking, that looks nothing like a nursery and you are right because this was/is our family room/Archie’s playroom. We have a two bedroom house (i.e. small) and sleep is VERY important to me so I am not into the toddler sharing a room with a baby thing so we are planning to convert this “bonus room” into a nursery.

family room to nursery // sarah sherman samuel


If you follow me on instagram you might have seen some of the work already being done through my stories. So far we wallpapered a wall, sold that sofa, and the nursery furniture has started rolling in. I am planning to make the space where the TV is into a changing table, use the storage beneath for clothes and diapers and things, add a daybed, black out curtains and a crib and rocker. This room also opens up into the living room with a 6 foot open passageway so we are planning to add some sliding barn doors so that we can close the space off into it’s own room.

And now for the fun part, the design board of what will be going into the space…

sarah sherman samuel nursery // neutral girl nursery // With the flow of our house, this nursery will be front and center and with the barn doors open it will still feel very much like part of the main living space so I want to keep it neutral and both kid and parent friendly (which I would plan to do either way but now it feels even more important). Basically I don’t want it to look too far off of the rest of the house. The wallpaper from Lulu & Georgia is a big statement that has such a pretty color palette, I will be keeping the rest of the space neutral.

I knew I wanted to find a rattan daybed so that we can tag team sleeping in there while baby girl is a newbie (like we did for Archie) because a daybed still feels like a piece of furniture that can go in a living room and not scream bedroom. The one pictures above was from Urban Outfitters and there is also a great one from Anthropolgie but I found mine, a vintage French daybed, from a go-to vintage shop, Elsie Green. She has some unique stunning options that are always coming in like this one.

I also knew I wanted a green rocker and how beautiful is this color green velvet from West Elm (“forest” in worn velvet)? Those two pieces were my starting points and I built the rest of the room from there.

Wayfair, as usual, was a big help to rounding out the room with the crib, pillows & accessories, foot stool and blankets etc. I also found an outdoor playhouse on Wayfair (I have been IG storying the process of building it over the last couple days), which I will be posting about in a separate post, to give Archie a place to play since we are turning his current playroom into baby girl’s room.

I can’t wait to see how this will all come together in the end and here is hoping baby girl will grow to love it too.

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NURSERY: Crib from Wayfair // Pillow from Wayfair // Foot Stool from Wayfair // Blanket from Wayfair // Swan by Tamar Mogendorff // Wallpaper by Lulu & Georgia // Vintage Daybed from Elsie Green // Unicorn // Wood Rattle  // Rug from Esalerugs  // Velvet Rocking Chair from West Elm 

Side Table from Lulu & Georgia // Gold Urchins from Lulu & Georgia // Ceramic Stool from Lulu & Georgia // Shaggy Patterned Pillow from Lulu & Georgia // White Fur Pillows from Lulu & Georgia // Floor Pillows from Lulu & Georgia // Chairs are vintage (newly reupholstered) // Rug // Coffee Table is Vintage // Sofa // Lamp // Hanging images are family photos framed by Framebridge // Wall hanging is a DIY (see it here) // Paint Color is Snowfall by Behr // Sofa from West Elm

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