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from the weekend: cabin arrival


Yee haw, we made to the cabin this weekend. My stress level immediately drops as soon as I hit this driveway in. We also made a bit of progress on the renovation… here’s a little sneak peak at the subway tile backsplash going in.

Images from my Instagram. (I’m ssspics)

Happy Friday: cabin bound

cabin-rupert-fridayWoo Hoo! We are on our way to our cabin today so it is an ecstatically happy friday over here! I can’t wait to get to get my feet wet in this exact spot.

Image by Sarah

cabin deck inspiration

cabin-post-deck-inspirationNow, this is more like it! Here are a few outdoor spaces that are really working for me.

A few things that are on my must-have list for the deck are: Some custom built-in benches like in Images 1 & 2, a long dining table with ample seating like in 2 & 3, and a place to just lounge… a hammock like in image 4 would be preferable.

1  //  2  //  3  //  4

cabin deck before

cabin-deck-beforeSomehow while sharing the cabin before tour I overlooked the best space of all… the deck! Right now the outdoor room is pretty bare. The table and chairs above aren’t actually patio furniture and are quite small for the large space but on a nice day and when it is just the two of us, they do the job for now. You may think “oh, this isn’t such a bad before photo” but then when you turn around and look at the deck from the opposite end you had this…

deck-before2Remember that? Fortunately, we have made progress since then but the deck space has remained sadly the same with the exception of a wash down and the addition of a big pile of construction garbage that I am trying and failing to cover by that big black circle (below).

deck-cleanishI look forward to the day that we no longer have to drag the dining room furniture out onto the deck every time we want to seat more then two people.

from the weekend: craftathon

wedding-drink-stirrersThis weekend was an all out craft fest. The bride-to-be for the upcoming wedding that I am designing & styling came down from San Francisco for the final bits and bobs, so we locked ourselves in the studio and didn’t come out until our crafting arms could no longer move. Here is a little peek at the little stir sticks that will be adorning the welcome drink.

Image from my Instagram feed. (i’m ssspics)

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