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Photo Camp

This weekend I was one of the lucky ones to take the photography workshop, Photo | Camp, with Laure from At Home At Home and Morgan from The Brick House. Another bonus was that it took place here in the super fun studio of Ban.do. Laure took this photo of the space that I kinda fell in love with.

I took the class to brush up on my rusty photography skills and gain some valuable tips from the pros in hopes that things will get a lot prettier around here. Below is a practice photo of our yummy after lunch treats that I took during the class.


Thanks Laure and Morgan for your tips, tricks, and a lovely time.

Images: 1st by Laure // 2nd by Sarah

in the studio


I just finished up these Save the Dates for one of my most favorite couples ever! Can’t wait for the main event.

Images by Sarah

Kitchen round up

Woo hoo! I put in our cabinet order for the kitchen today … it feels good to have that big purchase done. We went with these white cabinets from RTA Cabinets (number 10). Now that the cabinets are on their way I thought I would gather up all of the items we have for the kitchen so far… so here they are:

1: Lady of the Manor wallpaper from anthropologie (I have been looking for an excuse to get this FOREVER and now I finally have a place for it)
2: White subway tiles for the backsplash
3. Apron style sink from Ikea
4. Black faucet from Ikea
5. Wood countertops from Ikea
6. Under the counter refrigerator from KitchenAid¬†(This was our biggest splurge. As tiny as the kitchen is, we wanted to capitalize on as much counter space as possible and a big old fridge just wasn’t in the cards for us. Remember how much visual space the current one takes up here? and that isn’t even a full size one.)
7. Another space saver that we got was this 24″ range from GE.
8. Matte black door/drawer pulls from Overstock
9. Copper Pots from All-Clad (a birthday present from the mister :)
10. White painted birch cabinets from RTA

windy weekend

It was an insanely windy day Sunday. We took the dogs for a hike over the cliffs of Palos Verdes and literally almost blew away! On the plus side there was no one else out there so it was a beautiful walk along the ocean, but on the down side, that night it took about an hour to brush through the craziness that was my hair.

totally worth it though


On my desk

sarah sherman samuel desk greenroom

Here’s a little look into what is currently on my desk at my home studio:

1. I have been carrying around and using this fabric covered notebook everyday for about month or so, and now I can finally say that it is going to be for sale in Target starting this month! I featured it as one of “sarah’s picks” here. It really is my favorite notebook I’ve made so far.
2. A sneak peak at my new business cards. (details to come)
3. My gold Casio watch from Tortoise General Store.
4. A few pencils – I never really can bring myself to write with pens.
5. Always a cup of tea. (I prefer PG tips)
6. My little air plant¬†that came from my goodie bag at last year’s Hitched event (now known as The Creme).

Image by Sarah

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